I have started going to dr to get approved for gastric bypass surgery. After having a liver scare, I'm ready to change my eating habits and life.  I went to the initial visit with dr. bilton yesterday. There were about 40 of us there. The assistant and dr explained the different types of surgery, risks, advantages, etc. I'm so ready, wish I could have it tomorrow. I cant wait to see how I will look after this. I've been researching and looking at forums.  Now, I wait a week or two to see what other tests I will be needing. Hope not many. 



Tonight I went to first meeting at dch. It was very interesting. Some people have lost over 100lbs. It is amazing. Why didn’t I have this years ago? I'm glad I'm in process now. Can I have it tomorrow? The end of this month I go for 4th weigh in.  I didn’t do good november or december. Better now. I want this fat off and gone for good. Anyway, they gave out recipes for sugar free desserts.  Some people have had lap-band and others the bypass surgery. They have all done so well. I can't wait for next months meeting.  I'm going to read over all the sheets they gave out again.


Friday, 30th, I went to my family dr. I found out my letter can't be turned over to dr. biltons office until April. I was hoping I would have my surgery in April. My back has been hurting a lot. My blood pressure was up some. I'm sure that was work related. I'm still waiting on my 2 week letter from dr. biltons office. I will be calling Tuesday if I have not received it. I'm ready and so excited to have this. It is february  and I'm counting. Everyone pray for me.

Today is Feb 11th, I got my letter from surgeon's office. I have to go see a nut, Egd, pre op lab work. I'm so excited. I''ve been waiting on this letter for days and weeks. How much longer will it be? I go to my second required meeting next Thursday and to my family dr on Friday. I will continue the meetings. I had fun at the first one.  I can't wait to see what I will look like. Everyone on here looks so amazing. Oh, I have a secret pal too.

Feb 19th. I went to my second meeting tonight. It is so great to sit and hear what surgeries everyone has had and going to have. I can't wait for my turn. They had a surgeon speak last night on plastic surgery. the different types and etc. Very interesting. I have put in my two meetings, but I will continue to go. It is fun. Can't wait for the next one. One thing, both times were the coldest nights we have had in a while. Will it ever warm up?  I go to the dr this afternoon for my 5th weigh in.

Feb 27th, I went to phycrasit dr today. He said, my mind is good . My mom laughed. I told her I fooled him. lol He was very nice. I didn't know what to expect. All I know I don't have to go back there. Well, next appt so far is March 26th. Can't wait.

March 19th, I went to third meeting. i'm so excited. I go to dr next week. it will be my 6th weigh in. The meeting was great. They had two people that have had lap band and two that have had bypass. they answered all kind of questions. You would not ever know they have had surgery. they look great. 

March 26th- Just came from dr. had my 6th weigh in. I lost 12lbs in a month. I flipped out. I've been eating protein bars, fruit, salads, drinking my water. I've been having a reasonable supper. Still had some sweets too.( I'm easing off of them). You know you are suppose to buy yourself something when you lose. Well, I bought myself something first. I got a tanning bed package and told myself everytime I go tan-you excersie. Seems to be working pretty good. April 24th is the last weigh in. Pray paperwork goes smooth. April should go by fast:April 4th-my son has prom; April 10th-Easter weekend; April 17th- A-day weekend / or going out of town; April- 24th  THE DAY!!!!!!  Pray for me!!! please.

April 16th-  I went for another meeting at DCH. they have them every third Thursday. I was really tired and would have liked to go home, but I need these meetings and enjoy them. I can't believe next friday will be my last weigh in. I'm wondering how many days it will take my dr office to fax papers or should I go pick them up and hand deliver them to Beverly @ Dr. Bilton's office. Some days it seems like it has taken forever to get here and on the other hand-It is WOW i'm so close and getting a little nervous. I believe I will do fine because i've seen some people post there stomach rumbles or they have " " problems. I feel like i already do these things since my gallbladder surgery 3 years ago. I'm so ready for this. what will i look like in a few months? what size will i be in? so many questions.  keep me in your prayers!!!!   I love this site- i'm additcted to it. i love seeing all the post and before and after pictures.  

April 24th- Well guess what?  I had my last weigh in today. I can't believe it. It seems like it has flown by. My dr should be faxing papers over by Tuesday. So, that means I should know something by say Thursday. I hope I hear APPROVED!!!  So, ready for this. I want to have this done the first of June. I will be posting as soon I know.
May 6th- Well, to begin- It took my dr office a week to get my paperwork over to dr.bilton's office. I called dr. bilton's office this am to make sure they have everything they needed. The girl told me I should hear something today or tomorrow. I had in my mind tomorrow. Guess what, i was in Publix and had missed a call. it was the one call i've been waiting on for 7 months from Beverly. I called back and she said, thought i would tell you you are APPROVED!!! I was jumping up and down in publix and saying thank you thank you. I could not remeber after that why I was in publix. i was going back and forth trying to remember and smiling ear to ear and thanking God!!!!
I go the 14th for my appt with nut, beverly and surgeon. I've started getting nervous and stressed out on what all i've got to do this month. it has been the busiest month ever for me. This coming week is like this: wednesday -my friends b'day at work and hair appt, thursday-my appts with nut and all, friday-my son graduates high school, sat-baby shower, sun-birmingham to a bead show. the next week-dch meeting on thursday. I get to stand up and say I HAVE A DATE!!!. The last week of month:  a luncheon, wedding to attend. I have probably left something out.

June 2nd- Today is liquid pre op diet. i hate apple juice and jello. at 2pm, i start drinking this stuff and taking pills. gross.  Well, it is night time. i'm packed ready to go. I will have no sleep. I"m sick as a dog. throwing up and stomach hurting.  my mom picks me up at 4:30am. i have garbage bag in one hand and wet washcloth in other.

June 3rd- I get to hospital with my bag and wet cloth. they get me back into holding room and start iv. they have trouble because i'm dehydrated. they get it in and give me something for throwing up. at 7:20am they wheel me to OR room. i get on table and that is it for me. i remember coming too in recovery, but cant open my eyes. then next thing i know, i'm in a room on another bed. i wake up thirsty, but only can have ice cubes. they get me up later to walk. oh my gosh, i feel so out of it. anyway, i stay in hospital 3 nights. my back is killing me from that bed. i walk better down the hall.

June 6th- I get to go home. i can't wait. i get in my bed. my back stops hurting after the first day home. i walk around the house and take naps. Don't come close to getting all my liquids in. Got to stay on full liquid diet for 2 weeks. Fudge pops are a life saver.

June 11th-  one week check up. i've lost 20 lbs in one week. still very tired no energy.

June 16th- Two week appt. lost 3 more lbs. still moving slow as a turtle.

July 4th-  Went to movies and out to eat for first time. I had Santa Fe. grilled chicken sanwhich plain-took off bun and plain potatoe.

July 21st-  7 week appt. I've lost 37lbs. I feel so good. clothes are falling off.  So worth having the surgery. my knees are not hurting anymore and all other problems. 


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