what to do now?

Mar 16, 2014

I had several hammer toes repaired in Dec. one of the pins shifted and is causing a lot of pain. i am trying to decide when to have it redone. i could do it now and be back on my feet by May, I could have it done in the early fall. there are pros and cons to both decisions. Right now I am back on the weight loss track and doing fairly well with exercise except for the toe hurting. i really need to take off the weight I regained. AS I sit here typing and pondering my decision I'm starting to lean to having it done as soon as possible.

I've had a good week as far as exercise goes. the only day I didn't go to the gym was Thursday because of the snow storm. I went on Friday but was unable to complete my regular routine because of pain. I had forgotten to take my meds. before I left home.

i experience some dehydration last week, I had exercised and then napped when I got home. well I could not wake up fully. I had not taken it as much water as I should have. Now I know why the Doctors tell us to keep a water bottle with us at all times and to sip, sip, sip. LESSON learned!

my mantra for this post is It's O.K. to disappoint people. I'm entitled to do what I have to do to lose weight, as long as I am nicely assertive.


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