Hi everyone!  This site is awesome - it has been my lifeline as far as info on WLS.  I have been overweight most of my adult life and also when I was a pre-teen.  I have tried the weight watchers, South Beach, even the ADA diets and they work for a short time and then I only gain more.  I even most recently used Byeta and managed to lose 13 whole pounds and have now managed to gain back 10 of it.  I got my approval yesterday the 17th of July and am way excited!!!!! Surgery is in less than 2 weeks already - 30 July will be my new birthday!  I have had to wait til I am 53 years old but it will be well worth it.  I will be so glad to give up the food amounts that I am used to because they are killing me!  I have 2 grandbabies that I want to be able to play with!  My 5 year old granddaughter already uses the "after you have your skinny surgery" words!  LOL  - I will post after surgery and let everyone know how it goes for me.  My doctor is super!!!!  I liked him immediately and the office is great too.  I have a friend who used the same surgeon last year and has had nothing but praise for him and I trust her explicitly.  Bye for now!

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