Are you alright?

Nov 15, 2010

Things are going awesome! I have lost a total of 33lbs:) it has been one month as of Nov. 13th. I am estatic, but learning how to eat all over again is difficult. Breakfast and lunch seem to go just fine-- but sometimes dinner is a little harder. I can't quite eat chicken, fish or beef very well... it depends on the day. People are noticing the weight loss-- but they are also are paying attention to my eating style...:" can you eat that? Are you okay with that? Are you alright?"    It is very difficult to answer ... if i am

I hear all these comments and feel helpless. I don't mean to not apperciate concerns, but I  am still learning on my own. The comments seem to make it harder. I am now seeing my habits that I have not admitted to until now. I can not deny it that I grab bites of food while cooking. I rush through my meals.. this is all something that i have to work on all the time. The evenings are definintly a learning experience. I am working paying attention to my body more, and following thru with my goals!

I apperciate the people on here, that have given me support. Without the input of people on here and reading posts, I woulld be lost! GROUP HUG!


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