Stuck at 60....

Apr 14, 2011

Frustrated with myself, and the idea of being stuck at 60 lbs loss only!. I know this happens, but I am only at the 6 month timeline and I don’t understand how I will reach my goal at this rate. I realize I should be happy about the loss of 60lbs, but I think I was hoping for more aby the time I was 40….. I think I have reverted back to my old ways... not eating the way I should. I got excited when I was able to get rid of some clothes and I think it got to my head! So much... so... that I have not been focusing on my food intake like I should. I notice that I am not drinking enough water, and that is essential! I also notice that I am not eating as often as I should . Few more days... and I am going to be FORTY! UHG!!! I think I am just a little depressed about the milestones in my life! I will start again... tracking my food is important! I will have to make a special effort to be active…. These are my faults, I except them as my own… now I need to change them.


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