Apr 02, 2008

Hi All

Where did the last 6 months go?  I've gone from a "petrified Newbie" to a sleeve lover!!  Have been reading the forum heaps but not posting - I guess I feel I have nothing more to add to the wonderful posts on this site, there are some truly inspirational people here!  I've gone from 126kg to 89kg in the last 6 months and if I don't lose another kg I will be happy!  Had all my bloods redone last week - cholesterol normal, no sign of diabetes, liver function normal, blood pressure normal - I was a walking time bomb - what a difference 6 months and a sleeve makes! I am now on no medication whatsoever.  I was one of the people who questioned if I had done the right thing up to about 8 weeks out - but the results speak volumes and I know I NEVER could have done this any other way.  I now want to scream it from the roof tops!  My weight loss has slowed down, but I am not following "the rules" to the letter either, just still can't seem to get that water in!  Before I went into hospital I made a list of all the things I was looking forward to once I had lost weight - such as sitting on a plastic chair and not worrying about it breaking, walking without my thighs rubbing together, sitting in a plane seat and not worrying about the seat belt not doing up etc.  Well I have acheived everything on my list and now need to make a new one of things I still want to do and perhaps never thought possible!

I had the hair loss, reflux, nausea etc.  but still wouldn't change a thing.  I actually went into the Country Road shop the other day to buy my sister a shirt and decided to try on a pair of trousers (Size 16 Aus)- THEY FIT!  I still had no idea I could go into any shop and buy clothes - so look out credit card!

So big hugs to all who have been on this journey and for all of you still to take the step.  It has literally changed my life - in fact given me a life! I still haven't worked out how to post photos but will give it a go.  Dianax


Sep 29, 2007

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Hey everyone. Feeling pretty good today so here I am to fill you in on my surgery which was done in Perth Australia on Tuesday.
I didn't get to surgery till 5pm so it was a very long and nervous day. Took me two days to recover from being asleep and they tried 4 different anti nausea drugs in my IV in one day! Nothing helped. Eventually Day 3 I managed to keep water down and get out of bed. I had no pain from the surgery just the horrible nausea! They kept asking me if I wanted pain killers and I kept saying no
Left hopsital on Friday and have been battling a bit of a temperature since then. My nurse friend is keeping an eye on me and will let me know when or if I need to do anything about it
NO PAIN!!! (well except a bit of right side abdo pain but I think that was from pulling washing out of the machine)
Eating Pumpkin Soup, yoghurt, egg nog, lemondae and sipping loads of water
You guys are all so right - what was I afraid of - it can only get better from here! I know I will have ups and downs but have already lost 13lb since being admitted to hospital - so how bad can it be??? It will all be down hill from here - literally!!
So anyone who has any nerves, jitters, questions - I now want to be able to help some others just like the fantastic people here helped me through my very pertrified pre-op stages
Thanks everyone fro all the amazing support


Sep 12, 2007

Hi everyone. I am really scared but I guess most of you have been there done that! Booked for surgery in Perth Australia on 25th September with a massive 110lbs to lose! Looking forward to keeping in touch with people who have been through and are going through the same thing as me. Thanks for all the info so far - you have all been great.

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