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Apr 27, 2023

Wow, it's been 12 years since my DS. My life has changed so much and for the better in many ways. Finally I've decide I need to have some body modifying procedures.  Truly I wanted to avoid it at all costs but my beats drive me crazy.  They are so uncomfortable and give me so much grief with pain and rashes and sore shoulders from straps. I have a referral for a plastic surgeon and I am very nervous.  Has anyone had luck getting their insurance to cover breast lifts or any of the contouring procedures? I am hopeful but realistic, my mother recommended I start one of those gofundme pages. I'm not great with the social sites and stuff.  I'm not so sure how that will go or what to expect but I won't know if I don't try.  Any advice or experience with a similar situation will be appreciated. 


WOOT For DS!!!

Apr 15, 2011

 Well, I have to say I have had a seamless recovery. Right after surgery I was really sore. The hospital stay was necessary, but uncomfortable! The care I recieved at the St. Vincent's Bariatric Unit was perfect. Everyone was very tentative and dedicated to my health and comfort. Once home I went off pain meds and was much happier. I tried the prescribed "DS" diet my nut gave to me. It gave me so much gas. I stopped that nonsense and started on meat within the first week of returning home. My weightloss is great down 69 lbs today. Today I was 208 down from 277 at surgery, highest weight, 300. 

As for food discomfort about the only thing gets me is milk/milk shakes. In which case it is quite tolerable. I partake in ANY food I want. I have had wheat bread, wheat thin chips, cake, ice cream, dark chocolate, even half a glazed donut! LOL, my point is I feel very lucky about how I am progressing.  I DO NOT partake in candy or soda/carbonated beverages of any kind diet or not. 

Vitamins have not been a problem since about a month out. I take the full Viatlady DS schedule, with Mag Oxide added at bedtime. I have very normal bowel movements. Usually one a day in the early day 7-11 am. Protein was a struggle trying to find a yummy one. I prefer pink grapefruit by Nectar Syntrax. I will try Lori's recipes very soon! I hear they are fabulous!!!

My hair is falling out now, but lightly so far...hope it doesn't get worse I have VERY thin hair LOL. I'll have to get a buzz-cut!!! WOWS: Fitting in the jeans I was wearing before my first pregnancy. SIze 18 down from 24-26 pant size. Lots of clothes I had stashed are fitting me now!!! I am way more active now, running and bouncing around with my family at the park. Without getting winded! My intimate relationship with my husband is much more FULLFILLING now, LOL! My life is just easier and better than ever with this weightloss. I am slowely becoming healthier everyday!

Thank You Dr. Inman for my fab DS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She'll be coming round the __ when she comes!

Dec 29, 2010

 So, got a cold and cough one week from surgery, healing nicely so shouldn't be a problem! I am so thrilled to be having this opportunity for my family and myself. I feel like a door is opening for me that has been locked and bolted my entire life! I can't wait to ride a bike, play soccer, hike, mountain climb, and most of uber cute clothes and be a fashion fairey!!!!

Come on new life....just a little bit longer!!




Dec 01, 2010

 So I'll I have to say is wow it's getting close to my surgery date and I am getting butterflies!!!!

I have a date!

Aug 12, 2010

Well, finally my date was emailed to me....Jan 4th, 2011!!! 6 days before my bday, lol. I am loving this, soon I will experience life in a new way, the normal BMI way (rofl I am cheesy). 


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We'll all float on....

Jul 22, 2010

 Well I have been struggling with my diet and have fallen into a "rut routine" lately. Over run with cravings, and easy fixes. It takes me back to a familiar experience I have had several times. That does it, I am getting the surgery! Wait, what's this? My insurance (Anthem BCBS) only covers VSG when coupled with DS procedure ARGGGH!  Okay, so I went back and reread the info on DS. Now I remember why I wanted it so badly, and I am right here in town with Dr. Inman. Passing up this opportunity when I already have an approval for DS would be madness. 

I am working with the office gals to get my date setup, hoping for September! Cross your fingers for me!!!
Doing much research on malabsorption, and vitamin requirements & labs for post-op!


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Jun 03, 2010

Hello once again friends!
I wanted to let you in on what my diet consists of and how much exercise I do! Feel free to comment or throw me some advice!!!

As for the food:
chicken, tuna salad, cheese, boiled egg whites, pork, some beef, limited veggies, and lots of water and crystal lite!! I supplement with vitamins and Benefiber.

I attempt to keep my carbs under 100 grams a day, and my protein 100% or higher, fat also at 100%!
Calories range from 650 to 1600. on average though about 1000. As for exercise when ever it is nice out I go strolling with my Babe Tommy. The walk is 4 miles, some times a bit more! Takes me between 90 and 120 minutes, depending if we need to make stops!

Once a week usually on Fridays, I have a cheat meal, or specialty item, like a desert or something...I do not reward myself with food, instead I am going to get tattoos when I reach  my weight loss goals!! My first goal is set at 75 lbs lost, or 225 lbs weight!
Not too far away huh???

Well there you have it, I am going to keep this up for a while and hopefully will be at supreme-ultra goal by then....140 lbs!!

Stay frosty!!   


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Here I go again!

May 18, 2010

Well, once more I changed my mind and want to go with the sleeve instead, if it doesn't work then I can go all the way and get the switch completed. So I got approved though for the Switch and now they have to resubmit for the sleeve!


editor's note: not long after this post I decided to diet for a year, and see where I am at then, I am young and can wait another year if I must!



Apr 01, 2010

 So I have had my appointments with Clarion, and I was going for RNY. BUT, I read much about the Duodenal Switch, and I decided it was more my style! So I call up Clarion and say "hey gimme DS instead!" The lady is like"Um Dr. Inman only does that thru St Vincent", so I am like.... Awwwwww Crapolaaaa!!!    Well at least I found out this early in the process right? Ha!
So called St Vincent, and the lady was soooo utterly nice, it was shocking! Anywho, shes like okay lets get you a consult, and she says how about April 8th which is when my next appointment is with Clarion!!! AND she signed me up for a psych the same day!! WOOOOW, I'm taking this chik out to dinna!!! Think I am in love with her lol!  

Lets see what happens...cross your fingers!


Mar 27, 2010

 Well it has practically been two weeks, and I have lost 13.5 lbs. Not bad eh? Though I think most of it is just water! I have been fairly good at keeping my consumption as such: less than 1,000 calories, below 100 carbs, and 100 protein or more.  Today was stressful and I ended up eating a pinch more than I should have, but  managed to keep it under 2,000 cals.!

Next S.W.L. on April 8th!!!!


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