Jun 03, 2010

Hello once again friends!
I wanted to let you in on what my diet consists of and how much exercise I do! Feel free to comment or throw me some advice!!!

As for the food:
chicken, tuna salad, cheese, boiled egg whites, pork, some beef, limited veggies, and lots of water and crystal lite!! I supplement with vitamins and Benefiber.

I attempt to keep my carbs under 100 grams a day, and my protein 100% or higher, fat also at 100%!
Calories range from 650 to 1600. on average though about 1000. As for exercise when ever it is nice out I go strolling with my Babe Tommy. The walk is 4 miles, some times a bit more! Takes me between 90 and 120 minutes, depending if we need to make stops!

Once a week usually on Fridays, I have a cheat meal, or specialty item, like a desert or something...I do not reward myself with food, instead I am going to get tattoos when I reach  my weight loss goals!! My first goal is set at 75 lbs lost, or 225 lbs weight!
Not too far away huh???

Well there you have it, I am going to keep this up for a while and hopefully will be at supreme-ultra goal by then....140 lbs!!

Stay frosty!!   


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