WOOT For DS!!!

Apr 15, 2011

 Well, I have to say I have had a seamless recovery. Right after surgery I was really sore. The hospital stay was necessary, but uncomfortable! The care I recieved at the St. Vincent's Bariatric Unit was perfect. Everyone was very tentative and dedicated to my health and comfort. Once home I went off pain meds and was much happier. I tried the prescribed "DS" diet my nut gave to me. It gave me so much gas. I stopped that nonsense and started on meat within the first week of returning home. My weightloss is great down 69 lbs today. Today I was 208 down from 277 at surgery, highest weight, 300. 

As for food discomfort about the only thing gets me is milk/milk shakes. In which case it is quite tolerable. I partake in ANY food I want. I have had wheat bread, wheat thin chips, cake, ice cream, dark chocolate, even half a glazed donut! LOL, my point is I feel very lucky about how I am progressing.  I DO NOT partake in candy or soda/carbonated beverages of any kind diet or not. 

Vitamins have not been a problem since about a month out. I take the full Viatlady DS schedule, with Mag Oxide added at bedtime. I have very normal bowel movements. Usually one a day in the early day 7-11 am. Protein was a struggle trying to find a yummy one. I prefer pink grapefruit by Nectar Syntrax. I will try Lori's recipes very soon! I hear they are fabulous!!!

My hair is falling out now, but lightly so far...hope it doesn't get worse I have VERY thin hair LOL. I'll have to get a buzz-cut!!! WOWS: Fitting in the jeans I was wearing before my first pregnancy. SIze 18 down from 24-26 pant size. Lots of clothes I had stashed are fitting me now!!! I am way more active now, running and bouncing around with my family at the park. Without getting winded! My intimate relationship with my husband is much more FULLFILLING now, LOL! My life is just easier and better than ever with this weightloss. I am slowely becoming healthier everyday!

Thank You Dr. Inman for my fab DS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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