Margaret Inman

"The day of my surgery Doc Inman came in to talk to me as I lay in my surgery gown. She went over some stuff with me, gave me the lengths she would use and what have you. When asked if I had any questions one thing came to mind. How many times in the past have you had to revert to open from lap? Her response was very reassuring, "Mmmm, once" she said. I nodded, I knew I had come to the right woman! I remember the surgery room, it was all laid out so perfect, so sterile white and chrome...and cold. My DS has been great so far, an easy recovery and good results so far. Dr. Inman is a busy woman who is great at what she does. My DS procedure took her under 2 hours...what a PRO, right??? Thank You Dr. Inman, I couldn't have done it without you!! Believe me I have tried..."

Margaret Inman

"She came off as a very professional and intelligent person."
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