My story?  

It all began when the girls started treating me different in about 3rd grade and just went from there.  By 26 I had eaten my way to 277 pounds. I had been on diets before and had been successful, but, always gained the weight back and then some.   At 22, I had gotten down to almost 200 which was amazing, but then  I gained 77 pounds.  In December of 2008 I made the plunge and started the process for gastric bypass surgery.  I was scared, very scared and honestly, at that point felt like a failure.  I worked through alot of those issues and got to a point where I felt really confident about having the surgery.  On June 9, 2009 I checked in, procedure done.  I thought that was painful, but then I went home.  I felt alone and secluded.  So I decided today, to join.  

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