2 week Doctor Visit

Jun 29, 2009

 Well I went to the Dr. today and good news good news.  I get to start to eat some soft foods this weekend!  I'm so excited!  
I gotta drink boost through the week then try soft foods on the weekend.  I am so excited. 

The dr. also told me not to look at the scale till i get to eat an as tolerated diet 3 weeks from Tuesday.  So I am going to do my best.  Went shopping today and got a cute swim suit and a cute shirt.  It was exciting.  

Lets see here, oh we also talked about water intake and I have to bring my water with me everywhere. So I gotta work on that.  

All and all it was good.  I feel good right now.  Not excited to drink boost for the rest of the week.  Not excited at all. 


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