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Jul 25, 2009

 well, I am done with work for the summer.  I basically have the whole month of August off.  I was planning on leaving august 5th for a vacation but i can't go unless I have a job.  Its a bummer to not have a job.  Anyways, now my focus is training for the breast cancer 3 day.  My goal is to walk at least 3 miles every day in August.  I am super excited and hope i will be in good enough shape to do this thing.  I am going with my team and I am excited to share the experience with them.  

Things are getting better on the emotional front.  I don't feel as emotional all the time.  I am feeling better about myself every day.  I can't believe that I have to go home tomorrow.  I'm on vacation in South Dakota and its been some good time off.  But, I'm also excited and nervous to go home.  I cleaned the whole house before I left and I am afraid its going to be a disaster and it will take me another week to clean it up.  I'm trying to trust my husband that things will look the way they did when I left.  Its hard because its never been clean before when I've come back so boo to that.  I do love him though.  He has been so helpful through this whole thing and has tried really hard to work with me through all the emotional strain and trials.  It hasn't been easy for either of us but we are making it work.  

I'm excited for the sun today.  We are going to a water park.  I feel okay about being in a bathing suit.  you can already tell my skin is getting loose.  Around my tummy area and my legs.  Oh well.  Thats it for now. 


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