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Jun 29, 2019

Hello. I'm Deneen.

I'm 5'6.5" tall & weigh 302lbs. But, that's only what I weigh, not who I am. 

I'm a free-spirited, loving, intelligent human being. I have bottomless compassion & empathy for those walking this earth. My hope is that those that I cross paths with feel somehow enriched by our encounters. Don't get me wrong, I can be a real ass sometimes. It's all a work in progress. 

I'm a few appointments in for the beginning of the next path in getting my shit together :) I don't expect WLS to be the golden ticket. I do expect it to give me back the strong, healthy vehicle that will allow me to live my life balls to the wall. 

The arrogance of youth led me to believe that my metabolism would always allow me to eat whatever I wanted without consequence. What a cruel joke! Add to that not learning the proper way to handle confrontation & stress, getting kicked in the teeth by life a few times, sugar addiction & shame - and you have the current state of my health. 

I'm not going to pretend like the thought of not eating the foods I love doesn't suck. It does. But what sucks more is not being able to retrieve something that has fallen on the floor because my stomach is in the way. Or even worse, not being able to easily care for myself in the know what I'm talking about. And then there is the social stigma of being overweight. Being a 50+-year-old woman, you become invisible; compound that with being fat & you cease to exist. 

I'm doing my due diligence by gathering as much information as I can prior to surgery. I want to be successful. Not just until I reach my preferred weight but long term. (By the way, if one more person says 'you know everyone that has that surgery gains their weight back, I might need bail money.) I'm open to any nugget of wisdom this community might have - please share!




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Jun 29, 2019
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