Back on track...but no results :(

Sep 02, 2014

So, I am back on track now.  I've started cycling and am up to 6 miles a day at least 3 times a week, usually more.  I've been eating 1200 calories or less for 4 weeks now...actually, I'm usually way under that number, more like 800-900 calories daily...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I've GAINED 3 LBS!!!  I drink plenty of water...that is one habit that has stuck with me over the years...and I'm doing everything right so what gives?!  I know I have to be patient, but I'd like to see some results soon.  I'm thinking maybe I'm not eating enough so today I increased my calorie limit to 1500 and we'll see what happens over the next couple of weeks!

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Haven't updated in over 4 years!!

Jul 13, 2014

It's been over 4 years since I've updated on here...unbelievable!  I really wish I could say that I've maintained my goal weight in all that time, but sadly, I haven't   I have allowed myself to gain back nearly 30 lbs of the weight I thought I had lost forever.  I seriously need to re-commit to my healthier lifestyle...I feel so down all of the time because of my weight weight and bad eating habits and poor diet are once again consuming my life to a point it is all I ever think about...and it is affecting every aspect of my life.  I am seriously going to try to post weekly and hopefully be held accountable for my actions.  Wish me luck...if I did it once I can do it's just so much harder this time!


I can't believe its been over a year...

Feb 14, 2010

since I last updated this thing!!  Well, its been 3 years since my gastric bypass and I've maintained my loss pretty well.  I did gain about 10 lbs. last year...mainly because I stopped exercising regularly.  I was having some medical issues that prevented me from exercising the way I had been doing.  But I lost those 10lbs. over the past 4 weeks because I'm recovering from a TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy).  It was a major surgery and the recovery has been very slow, but I'm on the mend now and ready to get back to my normal routine...including exercise.  Its harder than you think to just lay in the bed for days at a time and not do anything but get up and go to the bathroom!  Thankfully my husband has been able to take over being mom while I recover...I don't know what I would do without him!

Last summer I took and EMT course and passed so now I am a Nationally Registered EMT and I work part-time for a local ambulance service...I absolutely love it!  It is something I have always wanted to do but never had the confidence or courage to pursue it.  Losing my weight gave me that confidence and courage!

I don't really have anything else to say.  Its been 3 years and I have no regrets...I would absolutely do it again in a has enabled me to be the person that I was intended to be...and I give all the glory to God because without Him none of this would have ever happened...Thank you Lord!

Till next time...hang in there and take care of yourselves!

Still Maintaining!

Dec 17, 2008

Well, its been more than 8 months since I reached my goal of 135lbs. and I'm happy to report I'm still maintaining that weight.  I'll go up or down a couple of pounds every now and then but always settle back to 135...apparently my body likes this weight! 

It will be 2 years since surgery on January 19th and I have to say I still have no regrets...I couldn't be happier.  I look normal, I act normal, and I feel normal and it feels wonderful!

Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Time to update...

Aug 25, 2008

I haven't updated in a while, so here goes....My skin issues have cleared up, not having any more problems so far.  So no plastic surgery for me, YEAH!! 

I managed to maintain my weight, 133-135lbs., for 4 months now and its not really been difficult at all.  The month of August has been full of ups and downs for me.  The biggest down was the death of a very dear friend who was also a police sgt. who worked with my husband at the police department.  He had been battling pancreatic cancer for several months and was finally called Home on August 11th...God Bless You Sgt. Larry Smith, Sr.  His death was very hard on all of us but one good thing did come out of it.  I've discovered that I've conquered my habit of comfort/stress eating.  I didn't turn to food for comfort like I normally would have...that is a HUGE victory for me.  I am no longer a comfort eater..this gives me hope that I will never gain my weight back. 

On the upside, my husband was promoted to SGT. to fill the empty position....I'm so very proud of him.  Again, I didn't celebrate with food like I would have before surgery.  A MAJOR victory.  In fact, food is just food now.  I eat it because I have to.  Oh, occassionally I'll really want something and I'll eat it, but on a typical day I eat just because I have to.  My life is so full of other blessings that I just don't need food to comfort me anymore.  What a concept!

My youngest, my baby, also started kindergarten last week....that was both an up and a down!  But I'm dealing with it, just not with food!  My little brother, who's almost 25 now, got married a couple of weeks ago and I made his groom's was a hit!  And I made it through the rehearsal dinner and reception without gaining a fact, I lost a couple of pounds because I was so busy I didn't have time to eat! 

I am confident now that I can continue this new lifestyle for many many years to come.  I am so thankful to Dr. Gibbs and WLS....and of course to my Father in Heaven who made it all possible...He gave me life to begin with, now He has given me a new life and I won't abuse this one!  Thank You Lord!

That's all for now....when I get the wedding pictures in I'll post some of them and update my avatar.

My hopes have been dashed!

Jun 20, 2008

    I had hoped I wouldn't have any kind of skin issues, meaning rashed or painful sores or anything like that and thought I was in the clear....I was wrong.  Yesterday evening I got an itch on my caboose, or rather in the crack of the caboose (sorry TMI I know) and when I scratched it hurt.  So I backed up to the mirror to inspect and was horrified to find two little sores in the crack and the whole area is red and irritated.  They look like bed sores or open blisters and are quite painful today.  I know they are caused by the excess skin on my behind, that is my biggest trouble I don't know what to do.  I had decided that I would never have any kind of plastic surgery because I knew it would purely for vanity's sake.  But now if I start having these recurring sores and irritations I may have to rethink my decision.  I don't want plastic surgery done to remove the skin, but do I want to live with a painful itchy behind?  I just don't know.  I figure it will keep happening because there's no way for me to fix the problem, which is the excess skin.  I've been exercising more lately, plus its hot down here and I sweat and the moisture gets trapped between the folds of skin....well....I don't need to paint that picture, y'all can use your imaginations.  Moisture and heat trapped in the folds of skin equal rashes and sores....will it go away?  Probably not!  I see my PCP next week for my annual gyno exam and I figure since I'll already be undressed I'll get her to look at it and document it for insurance, just in case.  I'm not happy at all with this development!  

On a lighter note, I've managed to maintain 135lbs. for about two months now...actually as of 6pm tonight I weigh 133, so I'm good with that.  Maintaining is not really as hard as I thought it would be...I just have to eat all day long!  I'll update when I figure out what to do about this skin issue, or when it goes away.  That's all for now!


Apr 19, 2008

  I've reached my personal GOAL of 135lbs!!  That's a total of 111lbs. lost and I don't even know how many inches, haven't measured in a while.  When I had this surgery and set this goal, I never really believed that I would actually reach it...I hoped, but didn't really believe.  After failing so many times I figured, why would this time be any different?  But it is different and I've proven that I can do it and will continue to do it....I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO WHERE I WAS!  

And I'm also now "normal" least my BMI is...24.6, need to change it on my profile.  I think I started at like 46 BMI, so I"ve come a long way.   Here are my measurements in inches, from where I started in January 2007 to where I am right now, April 2008:
Right Arm:  14 / 9 3/4 = 4 1/4 in. lost
Left Arm:  13 1/2 / 9 3/4 = 3 3/4 in. lost
Right Thigh:  28 / 18 1/2 = 9 1/2 in. lost
Left Thigh:  28 / 19 = 9 in. lost
Waist:  46 / 28 = 18 in. lost
Hips:  54 / 36 = 18 in. lost
Total inches lost = 62 1/2

For those of you out there reading this who are sitting there thinking,  I'll never be able to do this...I thought the same thing.  If I can do it, so can you.  It takes commitment and hard work, but man the payoff is so great!  And once you start seeing results you'll be motivated to keep going.  That is why I always failed in the past...I didn't see results fast enough so I gave up.  After having the bypass, within weeks I was seeing results so I knew that what I was doing was working, so I kept doing it.  A year and three months later I've reached my goal and now I have to continue working hard to maintain.  This is a life long commitment...a true lifestyle change.  But I promise you, if you follow the rules, have a positive attitude, and use some common sense, its really not that hard to make that lifestyle change.  Once you realize how good you feel you won't want to go back to your former lifestyle, trust me.  I wouldn't go back to that if you paid me.

That's all I can think of to ramble about for now....y'all take care now!

Finally, its warming up

Apr 19, 2008

It is finally warming up around here.  I worked outside today in my flower gardens for nearly 4 hours....I could never have done that a year ago.  It is truly amazing the amount of energy and stamina I have now....I never knew how bad off I really was...I was literally killing myself with my lifestyle.  To think how much time I spent just laying around the house makes me I hardly ever sit down for more than a few minutes, I certainly don't lay around for hours at a time doing absolutely nothing like I did before.  My whole outlook on life has changed drastically, just because I lost weight...amazing.  I have to literally thank God for that.  He brought me to the decision to have the WLS, He made it possible for it to happen for me.  He knew how much I needed it because He knew who I could potentially be and He wanted to see me achieve that because He has plans for me...and I wouldn't have been able to carry out those plans in the state of mind and physical condition I was in before having the WLS.  I resisted Him for so long because I was afraid of putting myself out there, because of my weight, but now I no longer have those fears and its truly amazing how much He has moved in my life in the past year because I'm allowing Him to use me for His glory, I'm not hiding anymore.  It feels so good.

DANG ITS COLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 14, 2007

South Arkansas has the craziest weather...a few days ago it was 80 degrees, today it is 40!!

OMG, I can't believe I haven't updated since October.  Oh well, there's not much to report.  I've been stuck between 150 & 152 for about a month now.  I retain water really bad while Aunt Flo is visiting so I'm hoping when she leaves in a few days she'll take all this fluid with her!  I am now down 95 lbs. so that's 11lbs. lost since my last post...not bad for this stage of the game.

I'm in a size 10 jeans now, but they're getting roomy.  If I'd exercise more I'd probably drop to an 8 in no time.  My skirt size has dropped to an 8, probably a 6 if it has a stretch waist.  A SINGLE DIGIT IN CLOTHING!!  WHO'DA THUNK IT??  Had to have ring guards put on all my rings, they kept falling off.  I've always had slender fingers so I didn't think it would be a problem, but when my wedding ring went flying across the room one day I knew I'd better do something about it.  I'm going to have to get a new watch too, one that I can adjust to fit my wrist.  The one I have now has the stretchy kind of band and it keeps sliding halfway up my arm...I have to search for my watch to see what time it is!

I'm going to have to start experimenting with foods again, I'm getting bored with what I've been eating.  I've eaten basically the same in and day out...for the past 4-5 months.  It wasn't a problem, I'm just getting bored with it.  Now that I have control over my eating I can experiment a little more.

The one thing I've noticed lately is that men have started to notice me...I catch them checking me out and I just want to laugh...but its kind of creepy too.  I've never ever had that problem before.  I guess I should be flattered that I have good looking men noticing me, but for some reason it bothers me...I don't think I like it.  They talk to me more now too, like in the grocery store or Wal-Mart...they never would have even noticed me a year ago...that just makes me angry because I'm still the same person, just look different on the outside.  

I guess that's all there is to update for now.  I'll try to get some new photos taken and posted.  I'm still enjoying the ride and plan to for quite some time.  I will never go back to where I was before surgery...I just won't allow it to happen.



Oct 08, 2007

Well, my stall didn't last very long.  In fact, I don't think it was actually a stall after all, I think I was retaining a river full of water!  After about the third week I spent what felt like days in the bathroom, fluids just pouring out.  So, my weight loss started up again.  I'm now down 84lbs.  YIPPEE!!  I have dropped from a shirt size 22/24 to an 8/10 or 12/14, depending on the fabric and cut;  a bra strap size from a 40 to a 36, a jean size from a tight 22 to a 12, and a skirt size to a 10, 8 if its stretchy.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I truly never thought I would get here...even after having the surgery I still was skeptical that it would work.

I had a major realization this week.  I'm dealing with a lot of stress right now, just family issues that won't seem to go away (parents and siblings, not my hubby and kids).  Before making this lifestyle change I would have immediately turned to food for comfort and actually wondered in the beginning if I would do that should some stressful situation come up, which it has.  I'm very proud to say I did not turn to food, it never entered my mind.  I instead turned to my Bible for comfort, something I've never really done in the past.  It felt so good, I feel like I've finally conquered this hold that food has always had on me and I'm confident that I will never go back to my old habits.

For anybody reading this who is considering WLS or is newly post-op, I just have one thing to say.  IT REALLY DOES long as you follow the rules, which are not hard to adapt to at all.

That's all for now...

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