Mark R. Gibbs

"My first impression of Dr. Gibbs was that he seemed to be a laid back type of person. He wears jeans and cowboy boots and is a want-to-be rancher, so how bad can he be, right? I first met him at his seminar and knew instantly he was the right surgeon for me because he really knew his stuff, he answered all of my questions before I had a chance to ask them. He addressed every scenario possible concerning WLS surgery and he was realistic with his expectations and told all of us to be that way too. I was confident in him from the first meeting and that has not changed at all. His office staff is wonderful and very knowledgable about their jobs. Carrie, his nurse, is super sweet and if you call her you never have to wait long for her to call you back...and she makes you feel like you're her only patient, you're not just a number to her. Kay, who does insurance and billing for Dr. Gibbs and other doctors in the clinic, is very knowledgable about most insurances...she can tell you what you need to know about your insurance up front, I really liked that. Once I was approved for surgery, she called me and told me what my patient responsibility would be following surgery so there were no surprises. Dr. Gibbs is really big on aftercare, basically he tells you if you don't follow the rules then it won't work. You have 24hr. access to a dietician, Jo Beth, and she's really wonderful. Dr. Gibbs will follow through with you until a year out, then you're on your own...I know some doctors who release patients after 3 months, so a full 12 months under his care is really good. Some people find him to be abrupt, but I find him to be straight forward. He's not your family doctor, he won't sit and chit chat with you about your kids...he tells you what he wants you to know, he answers your questions, and thats it. In general, I'd say Dr. Gibbs is probably the best LAP surgeon in the state, he is extremely competent and confident in what he does and I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

Baptist Health Medical Center (COE)

"The nurses were wonderful, if you asked for something you had it within minutes. During pre-op testing everyone I dealt with seemed to know exactly what they were doing and how to do it. Overall, my stay at Baptist has been the best of my experience, with the exception of having a roommate that snored!"
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