My story in short is that I have been overwight all my life.  Always struggling to loose bookshelf looks like the weight loss section from Barnes & Noble!  I think I have read everything about weight loss and tried everything to loose weight since I have been about 15 years old.  I am now 38 with 2 teenagers and have realized that I have tried everything, and now I deserve this operation.  My husband is in full support of me.  I am just praying this works.  See from trying everything in the world and loosing "some" weight, I get pretty discouraged about thinking, ok we are going to try this one...let's cross our fingers!  The only hope I have is I am thinking the lap band will not let me go off my "diet" like I have in the past.  Hopefully I will feel the sensation of being full and not wanting to look around for the next thing to put in my mouth.  So basically I am here on the forum to get as much information as possible and talk with people who have had the surgery and see their successes.  Also to those of you out there that want to spare an ear and are going through the same thing as I am.  I am hoping to have surgery the 1st week of December...fingers crossed everyone!

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