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"I’m a nurse and my expectations of health care facilities and personnel may tend to be more critical, but I had my surgery at BTC Sept.01, and I was truly impressed with every aspect of the whole experience. Pre op was smooth for me and the office and insurance people were efficient and always very accommodating. The nursing, dietary, respiratory, and lab staff was excellent. Several of the nurses had also had the procedure done and knew exactly what we were going through, as well as what to expect immediately post op. The facility is spotless, the gowns are adequate, and when you 1st get to your room there is a flower for you on your bedside table =) They provide a wonderful package full of toiletries, and I was given a pair of tongs for personal hygiene that worked great. I think because every patient there has had the same procedure, everyone seems to be able to commiserate together. Walking the halls you hear encouragement from everybody. Surgery is hard no matter where you are, but I was impressed with my doc (Batay). (I appreciated not having to wake up to an NG tube down my throat). They are extremely knowledgeable and thorough with your post op care as well. I remember I was so astonished to get a call from my nutritionist telling me I could progress to the next stage in my eating, and was I having any problems or questions. All in all I’d say they met all of my expectations …and more. "

Thomas Batay-Csorba

"That he did vascular surgery in Canada prior to his affiliation with BTC, was impressive to me. He has a quiet-spoken demeanor and is confident in his knowledge with regard to the RNY procedure and its complications, risks, as well as benefits. "
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