Well my story.......My weight problem started about 20 years ago.   I was 20 years of age and had given birth to my second child.   For some reason I could not loose the weigh as easy as I did with my son.  Everyone told me that it would be harder  because with girls the weight is harder to loose.  My husband told me that the weight did not bother him at all, but I know it did.
I tried every diet that I know and took diet pills to loose.  I would loose, but as soon as I stopped taking the pills or but something in my mouth that was sweet, back the weight came.   So I just said forget it and I  just started to buy clothes that did not make me look as big.
Then about 5 years ago things started happening in my life and the weight just started climbing.
This is the biggest I have every been,  278 lbs.

December 2006, I went  to see my PCP and expressed my feeling regarding the weight (I am tired, when  I go up stairs I stay, I have fallen down the stairs 2 times, etc., etc.....).
He explained to me that there was a procedure that he was sure that I could  get approved  for but it is not a quick fix.   It is a tool and I have to work the tool.   He said let me do some research and we will talk about it more in January.   The first month of my six month supervised diet.

My PCP gave me three doctors to go see and out of the three he wanted me to really think about NJ Bariatrics.  He have heard very good and pleasing thing about them.  But the only thing was they were not in my insurance network.   So I would have to pay a deductible up front and then they will bill your insurance and you husband's second.  With the trust I have in my PCP, I knew I was not going to look any further.
I went to a conference that they were giving at their office and I  did some research  of my own and felt very comfortable with them.  

I made a appointment at NJB and I was seen by Dr. Chau.  He gave me  the outline I had to follow (my PCP and his staff followed the outline, we crossed our t's and dotted our i's) to get approved by my insurance company.   On September 14th NJB submitted all my paperwork NJPUS/BCBS and on September 26 I go my call that I was approved. 






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