Pizza was a mistake, indeed!

Feb 02, 2009

I stayed home today, sick to my stomach.  I threw up this AM after taking my pills with liquids.  I suspect the pizza I ate yesterday may have gummed up the stoma from my stomach pouch to the intestine, and when I drank enough to fill the small pouch it had no where to go.  I laid down, fell asleep and slept for many hours (I guess my body needed it?) and am now sipping liquids ok, though my stomach still feels a little unsettled.   Another good lesson learned -- don't experiment off the diet plan!!  Yes, I should have known fact, of course I knew that!  But then there is the complusive eater in me that has a hard time resisting certain temptations.  Good evidence of the absolute need for me to continue working on that part of my problem!  I can't believe I would go through ALL THIS and then take a chance on messing up my new anatomy!  What was I thinking????  Anyway, hopefully having experienced the down sides of inappropriate experimentation, I will be less tempted, or at least more able to resist the temptations, in the future.  Meanwhile, back to work on the OA 12 steps! 


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