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"My surgeon is great -- Dr. Glascock in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I found and selected him based on information from this site, so THANK YOU to others who took the time to provide feedback on him!!! He is highly experienced, having done over 1600 WLS, including 600 or 800 in the past couple years at the Sartori Hospital in Cedar Falls. He specializes in laparoscopic surgery, and while he does different surgeries it seems WLS is his speciality. He is EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE which is a quality I have come to really value in him! It was a little frustrating at times because it seemed he was being so strict on pre-op testing, following up on every little thing, and also that his pre-op diet seemed more intense than others (2 weeks clear liquids, modified to include V8, V8 Fusion, OJ and whey protein). But I am very grateful for his caution, as well as his skill. I felt very confident in him from things I had read here, and my experience at each step along the way has served to increase my confidence in him. I would strongly recommend him and the Sartori Hospital to anyone in the Eastern Iowa area! rnrnOk, seeing the request to balance positives with negatives, I would only add that Dr. Glascock came across to me, at times, as a little arogant, which I suppose is typical of surgeons. And I certainly wouldn't want to go to a surgeon who seemed to lack in self confidence! His nurse, Mary, rubbed me wrong at times -- she is a tough task master, but I will say that by the time I was ready for surgery I was extremely grateful for her diligence and tenacity! She make sure I had all my i's dotted and t's crossed so that my surgery date did not have to be moved. She said at one point, \"I hope I wasn't too bossy (regarding my pre-op testing). While she did seem a little rigid at times, I can see clearly in hindsight that it was with a purpose! She does her job very, very well! :-) "
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