Artichoke vegetable has many health benefits and can work help improve functioning of many organs and also provide innumerable nutrients to body

There are many vegetables that play a significant role in life and growth of the body. Some of them are rich in fibers while others are a exceptional provider of the vitamins and the minerals. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential. It will make you feel on top of the world by keeping the diseases at bay. Artichoke is one of such vegetables that have a remarkable effect on the body system.


Artichoke is a vegetable that is low in fat and calories. They are a good source of the fiber and you can include it in your diet to keep off from constipation and other digestive system issues. They lessen the LDL that are bad and also control the cholesterol in the body. They prevent the piling up of toxins in you and also help in food and water absorption in the system.

They also have sesquiterpene-lactones and cynarin that are great in doing this job. This is done by decreasing the body action by increasing the excretion of the same in your bile and stopping its snthesis. They also provide you with folic acid and some essential enzymes. They are beneficial in the normality of the DNA.

Folates in the food aids in the pre conception stage and also while early pregnancy. They also keep a check on the neural tube and prevent its defects and thus strengthen the health of the baby. Best for the women in menopausal state, they contain vitamins of B and also have niacin and the thiamin. These are important for the accurate metabolic and cellular functioning.

It also had pantothenic acid and pyridoxine that performs the similar duty of managing the metabolic state. They are also a strong antioxidant and contain vitamin C that empowers the body. Regular consumption of this vegetable will develop the immune system and fight the infectious agents that can harm you.

More advantages

It will also throw away the free radicals and the pro inflammatory elements from the system. It is also a rich in vitamin K and this can keep the bone healthy by enhancing the osteotrophic activity. It will also limit the neuronal damage that can happen in the brain. This is therefore advantageous for the Alzheimer’s patients.

The antioxidants like caffeic acid, silymarin and the ferulic acid are the ones that protect the body from the free radicals that are bad for health. They are also excellent in rendering minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorous and manganese. Potassium is an important part of the cell and the fluids in the body. This controls the high blood pressure and the heart rate.

It counters the ill effect of excess sodium in body. Manganese on the other hand works simultaneously with the co enzymes and the superoxide dismutase. Copper produce red blood cells and iron also aids in the formation of the same. It consists of flavonoid compounds such as the lutein, beta carotene and the sea-xanthin. These are the group pf the significant antioxidants.

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