1 year anniversary!

Feb 28, 2007

Today (2/28/2007) is the one year anniversary of my RNY surgery.  I have lost 94 pounds and have regained so much--my back doesn't bother me NEAR as much, I have much more stamina and can climb stairs with little effort, etc.  

I still want to lose around 50 pounds.  In the past few months I have lost some of my initial drive--LOTS of stress (work related) helps that; however, I have recently "regrouped" and am once again making better choices.  I have no doubt that I will get to my goal weight.  As of this morning I weigh 200 pounds even and am very excited at the prospect of getting out of the 200's!!

I am very glad I had the surgery--I have had no real complications and consider it the best decision for me.

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1 year anniversary!