I got "The Switch" towards the end of 2011.

Jan 24, 2012

I got a DS towards the end of 2011.

Duodenal Switch Animation (silent)

Apr 30, 2011

"A picture is worth a thousand words." A video is worth even more.  This picure links to a silent computer animation that shows how the Duodenal Switch works.



Empathize With Others

Apr 07, 2011

Each of us is unique, has been shaped by different environments during our life paths, and has made choices based on each of our personal circumstances.  Let’s be empathetic and helpful to those around us.  At first glance, some may think the character in the following video is a pretty girl that leads a charmed life.  Reality for the character is that she has been betrayed by friends, eats alone in school, has been date raped, and her best friend was murdered.  One of the few times she is happy is when surrounded by food with a spoon in her mouth at the end of the video.  Let’s offer kindness to people, and try not to judge them, because we don’t know where they have been.

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This is not me.  It is a fitting cover for this particular video.


No Revision For Me

Apr 06, 2011

My Lap–Band tool has not been working as well for me lately as it has in the past.  I got a copy of the Summary Plan Description from my insurance company, and found the section of coverage for WLS.  It states that “repeat weight loss surgery, which is a second or subsequent procedure performed, regardless of type of weight loss surgery performed and regardless of coverage at the time of the previous procedure” is not covered.  I guess that means I am not covered for any type of revision.  I can still keep trying, right?  The bear picture links to a video that shows you how the digestive system works.



How Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Nov 24, 2007

Most people are not drinking enough water, and their bodies are retaining water as a result.  Learn how much is the right amount for your body weight, and how it can help you lose weight.  I need to drink more water.  What about you?



Lose Weight - Read the Food Label

Nov 24, 2007

It's true what she says about companies being legally allowed to lie to you on thier packages.  I have seen it many times since I started looking at the nutritional information labels and ingredients.



Lap Band Surgery Infomercial

Nov 19, 2007



"With 200,000+ Lap Band Patients Worldwide, it is a proven solution for permanent weightloss."  This statement is just not true for most people.

Even though The Lap Band has not worked for me long-term, I feel that those of us that have chosen the route of WLS should support each other regardless of which procedure we chose.


Lap Band Fill Adjustment

Nov 19, 2007


Lap Band need follow up care that includes filling the Lap Band with saline. This is the first fill for this patient with BMI 38 of her Lap Band Lap Band need follow up care that includes filling the Lap Band with saline. This is the first fill for this patient with BMI 38 of her Lap Band.

I also had my first fill done already.

Video Of Lap Band Surgery

Nov 19, 2007


Lap Bands, weight loss surgery and general info on obesity....Lap Band Surgery Procedure Operation lapband lap-band obesity weight loss gastric bypass Lap Band Procedure done on a patient with a BMI of 45. Minimal editing and includes narration.

A few minutes ago was the first time I ever actually saw this procedure take place.  Watching the surgery was difficult for me, but informative.  I'm glad I did it.

Total Body Lift Surgery Animation & Real Results

Nov 17, 2007


This animation details the steps of total body lift surgery.  First, the surgeon removes skin from the lower back, lifting the back and buttocks. Next, excess skin from the thighs and abdomen is removed. The final step in the total body lift is the breast and arm lift.


Now that Roberta is healed and back to normal after her total body lift, she is proud of her beautiful new body. Roberta made a commitment to change her appearance, and with the help of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz's signature body contouring technique, a change was possible.

I wonder if I will ever get any of these procedures done?

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