Life Right After Surgery

Apr 04, 2007

I had my surgery on March 15th 2007. It has been a hard road to recovery but I am finally there!

- I had two swallow studies, two CT scans, one scope test of my stomach, one infection of my packing wound, one ER visit for dehydration with 2 liters of IV fluids, and two inner stitches that were pulling and causing intense pain for 2 1/2 weeks.

I am struggling to get in fluids, medicine, vitamins, and food down. I do not have an appetite and my stomach always feels queasy. 

I am finally not feeling any pain and can move around and be a more normal person. The pain was extreme even with heavy pain killers. I am thankful it is behind me now but it was very hard at the time. There are some people that don't experience hardly any pain...and then there are the others like me. My husband has been a tremendous help taking care of me, our daughter, the house, and his job.

As of March 29th I had lost 27.5 lbs! Tommarrow I go to the doctor and will be weighed again. Oh so exciting. I can already tell the difference.

I am very happy with my decision even with the issues I've been having. Nothing worth doing is easy.


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