Sep 12, 2007

OCT 9!!!!!! 

Thats my surgery date! YEAAA.. Can't wait. I am so excited.

Psych Eval..

Aug 04, 2007

Home stretch to the insurance approval. I meet with my PCP on Monday afternoon and then I have my psych eval on Wednesday morning. Then... it should not be too long before I am submitted to insurance. This is when I am getting nervous. Being denied last time because of some stupid exclusion they remembered at the last minute really stunk. So I have it in my head I am going to be denied!! :(

I am hoping to get scheduled the first week in Oct or the last week in Sept. I think it would be good with my work schedule. I have alot of time off during Nov and it would be easy to go back full time and then just go with the flow with work. :) 

I am hoping to only take 4 weeks off. Dr. Teel said I would be a canidate for the BPD/DS done Lap!! YEA!!!! 4 weeks is not bad at all... luckily my work has short term disability, so if I had to take more time I could. I think with this surgery I can take up to 8 weeks. WOW. Long time.


Jul 20, 2007

Met with the nutritionist yesterday. Our appointment was supposed to be like an hour and a half. It was about 30 min. She said I understand everything and seem to be ready to commit and I was honest about the most difficult parts... Not drinking with a straw, not drinking with meals. Those will be the most difficult. 

Next Thursday afternoon I have the surgeon's meeting. I need to sometime get to my PCP to talk to them. Got to find time. :)

Things are getting scheduled.....

Jul 09, 2007

My appointment with the nutritionist is July 20th in the morning and my first appointment with the surgeon is July 26th. I can't believe things are moving along. On a down note, I gained 20lbs!!!! I feel horrible about that. But, hopefully it will be the last 20lbs I gain!!

We have to move at the end of Aug. Our landlord is selling our house and we do not want to buy it. He wants too much money for it. We were not ready to buy, but we are kinds forced into it. I added a picture of the house we are looking at. It just got new siding, new roof, they are finishing up the front porch, new carpet, new cabinets, new kitchen basically, new bathrooms, new windows... I think other then the frame the house is brand new. So cross your fingers and say a prayer.

2nd session

Jul 05, 2007

Because my husband could not attend a session during the day, I had to attend one of the sessions with another dr. So I have to go to the dr I want informational session. I go today! :) YEA! 

I am just wanting to get this going. I am nervous about insurance approval. The claim they need 12 months of diet history. Well.. I pretty much have that, but just not with my dr. I went to him during the time and told him and my GYN about my diet and what I was doing. Hopefully they wrote it down in my files somewhere. I also have a weekly weight in log. We did this at work and  used the same scale each time. I also kept a food journal of what I ate. Hopefully that will work for them.

The start...

Jun 27, 2007

Well.. here it goes...
Tonight I go for the informational meeting I am required to go to prior to getting started. I am sure I have alot of work ahead of me. 
I have only been with my PCP for 2ish years, so I am going to go back to my old PCP and see if she will give me some recommendations for the surgery as well as my current and possibly my GYN. 
I would appriciate any help anyone would like to give. I am just excited to get this ball rolling. I have informed work that I am going to have the surgery.. They are very supportive as my boss had it done a year and a half ago.

*** just got off the phone with insurance company.. It is a covered standard benefit. Just the basic- diet history, PCP letter and psych Eval. I think I can handle this!!

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