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Dec 31, 2008

Well I have been home seven days and today was the first day that I have felt myself all day.  It was a good day.  Surgery went without complication.  I had my surgery on Dec 22ND and was to be released on Dec 24Th.  My discharge was in question as I was not passing enough fluids.  It's a very bizarre situation to be constantly checking your bag or having your company following your urine output.  LOL!  Needless to say I remained on IV fluids and so stayed the catheter. (good times. . .NOT).  Actually it wasn't that bad but was discouraging.  But the doctor decided to try a water pill and look out the water gates opened.  Good news I did get my Christmas wish by being released on Dec. 24Th.  My recovery has been uneventful.  Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes.  Although for about the first five days I had a difficult getting water in.  Every time I drank water I had major stomach cramps.  I tried it warm, room temperature, and ice cold with no success.  However I had no problems with anything else (popsicles, broth, tea or jello),  As of yesterday water has been much more tolerable and I am giving it my best to increase my intake.  I must be honest and say though after seven days I am ready to ditch the broths .  I don't know how eager I will be to have soup again any time soon in the near future.

As irony would have when I got home from the hospital the first thing I did was weigh myself and to my shock I gained six pounds.  Now I understand that is normal after surgery but it was still a shock to see right before my eyes.  Since then I have made up for that and have lost 35 pounds .  I couldn't be happier to see such numbers.  Unfortunately I do not see it physically when I look at myself in a mirror, but as they say my non scale victory was that I was able to wear a pair of jeans today that I had not been able to wear for quite some time.  Before surgery I tried them on and could not get them over my hips.  So as I said in the beginning today was a good day.  It is definitely reassuring to see an achievement like that after some trying times when I wasn't sure if I could do one more cup of broth or another sip of water.  It is so worth it and for the first time ever, I look forward to the future.

Well Monday, Jan.5Th I have my two week follow up with the surgeon and am anxious to hear from them if I seem to be headed on the right path.  Honestly though I am nervous about introduces regular food (even if its soft or pureed) back into my diet.  My previous track record with food got me hear I just pray for strength and knowledge to continue to move forward and to succeed when faced with a food challenge.

To all pre-ops and post-ops I would like to wish you health and happiness in 2009.  Be safe and have a great New Year!


So now the journey begins. . .

Dec 24, 2008

I can't believe that I actually did it.  I'm not one who typically follows through on things that are "all about me", especially when it concerns my well being.  I tend to always put everyone in the forefront.  However, as of Monday, Dec. 22nd I took control of me.  My surgery went well and without any complications so I am very pleased and relieved to know that that part is now behind me.  I came home as planned today although it was questionable last night given that I still had my catheter in and was not really passing any fluid.  I had become dehydrated.  I know I am not a doctor nor do I pretend to be one but I was kind of baffled as to how I could become dehydrated when I was having IV fluids pushed through me plus extra.  All it took was a water pill and I was good to go "literally", lol.  It felt good just to walk in the door at home.  It truly felt like a new beginning.  Now it is up to me.  I'm no longer have someone there making sure that I'm taking my meds, drinking or walking.  Every thing seemed different, especially the way that I look at food.  All of which I am very excited.  I feel I have been given a second chance and I want to take advantage of this opportunity. 

I found myself putting something in the fridge and looking at all the food that was in there and feeling sad.  I will no longer be turning to food for comfort.  Even though initially I felt sad there was a sense of accomplishment (I shut the door which I never did before without grabbing something out).  Although I am sure it helps that right now I have no real appetite and food does not look very appealing.  I hope the later stays with me for quite a while.

My stay in the hospital was unbelievable.  Being one that has never been in the hospital before I wasn't sure what to expect.  Everyone though helped to ease my nerves.  From my surgeon to the dietary folks they were all soooooooooooooooooooooo nice.  On a lighter note I had my own version of Dr. McSteamy with me throughout my stay.  OMG how lucky was I.  A couple of the nurses even walked to halls with me even though I was ok and did not need any assistance.  They said they would just walk and talk with me since I could only walk the halls and make a big circle which was boring.  Anything I asked for they did without hesitation and smiled whiled they were doing it.  My nurse this morning before being discharged even hugged me and wished me the best of luck.  Wow!  I would not hesitate to recommend West Penn Hospital or Dr. Gagne.  They are superior and I feel very blessed.

Well I am struggling with the liquids but I am giving it my best to make sure I am getting them in.  Hopefully, once I get myself in a routine everything will work it's self out.  I do notice that everything except popcicles needs to be room temperature.  If it's too cold or hot I get some cramping.  Unfortunately though I think I am getting a cold.  My throat is super sore and I feel like my head is becoming congested.  Well I prayed a few times that I wouldn't catch anything prior to surgery so it probably has caught up with me now.

Thanks to everyone who had me in their thoughts and prayers.  It's great to know that there is such a wonderful support system.  May "yunz" have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. 
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Six days and counting

Well the date is almost here. I had my final presurgical meeting with the surgeon on Friday and everything looks good. Now I sit with my fingers, toes and anything else I can cross waiting for authorization from the insurance company. Checking my policy in advance I know that it covers gastric bypass but in working with insurance companies daily I know how much of a pain in the A$$ they can be as well. I am scheduled for surgery on December 22nd and cannot wait. I am extremely terrified of being sedated however the nerves have not kicked in. I think all my energy is pure excitement right now. The only thing that is nerve racking is like I said just waiting on an answer from the insurance company.

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