John LoMonaco

"Dr. L is one of the most caring plastic surgeons that I have met... I had several different consultations with several doctors and Dr. L is the one that I picked to do my surgery. He did an amazing job on me... Dr. L has been to my support group to speak with my group and of course they loved him. Dr. L has the best bedside manners. I have not known too many other plastic surgeons who answer their own email and give out their cell phone number to their patients. Thank you Dr. L for all you have done for me and the weight loss community."

Bayshore Hospital

"I had to stay a few extra days and the nurses were there any time I called or would just come and check in on me. I had a private room and my husband stayed 2 nights with me out of the 5 nights I was there."

Michael Storey

"My first impression was that he is very straight forward and honest. He describes himself as passive/aggresive... which I have found to be true... The office staff have been very helpful and kind. Tricia is the one that I have been talking to so far and she has been so nice with all my questions regarding the insurance. If you want a dr. that is honest and really cares about his patients I would highly recommend Dr. Storey. Yes Dr. Storey went over the risks with myself and my husband. I am going to have surgery on 8/3 so I will let you all know once I get home and am able to get on the computer."
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