I'm Normal!!!

Sep 09, 2009

My motto has always been "Why be normal?" Today I was told by Karen, PA that I'm normal. I've never been normal. My weight has finally dropped to get me into the "Normal" BMI range . FEELS SO GOOD!!!
The DALMAC was so much fun. Can't believe I never had to stop and walk up a hill. There were SO many hills. 285 miles in 4 days.. The people I went with, Team Oberon, were great! They are a bunch of gentlemen and Michelle was the sweetest person..
The only bad thing was getting lost for a few miles. It was pretty scary-the SAG guy, Joel, had to come get me. The other thing was that my tent pole broke-bless Dave, Matt and Scott for helping me with that one..
The weather was pristine!!! No wind, sunny.
Can't get over that it is  already over.....


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