Jan 06, 2009

 It is Tuesday, 1/6/09.  I am 9 months and 15 days out from surgery (VSG).  Much has taken place during this time.

I have reached goal and gone beyond it.  I started at 212 pounds on the day of surgery (3/21/08).  My original goal was 120 pounds.  This was revised to 125 lbs. when my doctor and i saw how thin i was getting.  I hit 125 pounds and then 120 lbs.  No effort to lose more weight..just happened.  So, here i was at my original goal.  Then, i lost more weight.  Every time i stepped on the scale i'd lose a little more.  An eight of a pound here...a half a pound there.  Soon, i was at 116 pounds without effort on my part and i was becoming frightened.  I look emaciated and not at all like the "thin vision" i carried around in my head for so long.  My lifelong dream of effortlessly loosing weight was becoming a nightmare.

There is a short story by Stephen King written under his pseudonym, Richard Bachman.  The name of the story story is THINNER and since has been published as a novel and made into a motion picture.  The gist of the story has to do with a curse put on a man by an old gypsy man with a rotting nose.  The old gypsy's wife was killed in an accident and those who had anything to do with the accident were cursed by the gypsy.  Each of the people had a separtae curse put upon them.  One of  the people, the main character of the story, had the curse of loosing weight without dieting.  He just lost..without effort...without reason..and could not stop.  The old gypsy man with the rotting nose came up to him on the street and touched his face with one finger and whispered the word:  THINNER.  He continued to loose weight until he almost died.  I will not reveal the end of the story in case you would like to read it.

When i stepped on the scale and it read 116 pounds, all i could think of was the word:  THINNER!  I called my nutritionist and we spoke and she told me what i needed to do in order to level off and stop loosing.  As of today, it is working and i have gained back almost one pound.  My goal now is to get back to 120 pounds.  How very funny life can be.


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