I was born fat. Really! I weighed 12lbs and 1/2 oz at birth. With that said. I have struggled with weight all my life. I have tried everything out there with short term success with some. The latest was WW. I lost 107.6 lbs with them. I reached a goal, became a lifetime member and a leader. I stopped WW and stopped working for them at the end of 2013 and guess what. I got out of control again. I am now 26 lbs from being at the top of that weight again. I know I need the tools to help me stay focused. I have been working since Sept 2014 on getting this done. Happy to say that on 3/10 I will be having R&Y I know this is only a tool. I know I have to stay focused on what I am doing. I am so glad I found this site and so many wonderful people out there and I thank God I get to have this surgery.

06.27.15 Hi, I'm now a little over 3 and 1/2 months out from R&Y. Down 59 lbs from when I started this Journey. Feeling great and can start to see getting back to where I want to be. 31 lbs away from my goal was with WW. Hoping to go below that!!

07.18.15 I am back and doing great. Now down a total of 66 lbs. with only 24 to hit my ww goal I had. Still wanting to go below that. I am tall. Use to be 5'8 but might have shrunk an inch over the years...or maybe the weight just pulled me down. lol. Still happy I had this surgery. Finding that I seem to notice that I get full faster now than I did in the beginning. Hope I stay that way. Love finding this board. Hope to always stay here. It is a great place to be.

08.27.15 I am now down 75 lbs total. I am just 15 lbs from my lowest WW weight. Yeah I am doing the happy dance. I hope to go down about another 30 lbs. I think I can do that. I am only 5 and 1/2 months out from WLS It feels so good to be back into most of my clothes again and back to feeling good about shopping for new stuff again. Getting ready to go on vacation and looking forward to that. Heading to the beach and then back with a stop in the smokies.

01/09/16 It has been awhile since I posted here. Things are still going great. Weight loss has been slow. But I understand my body. I finally reached that lowest WW weight this month which was the goal weight set by my PCP! I am still working this and plan to go another 15 or so pounds down! I feel now I can do it. Life is good. Husband and I are signing a contract to build a new home today! Excited and can't wait. We will be moving about an hour away from where we live now....but will make is so much closer to his work cutting his drive down 30 minutes to and 30 minutes from each day. I work out of my home and also travel central region of our state and this move will cut down on my length of travel also. I posted a pic of me when I was down to my current weight before. Have not taken any pics recently. Also posted a pic of the house we are building.


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