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Sep 28, 2012

When you have weight loss surgery of any kind - it modifies your "plumbing" not your "wiring".

Translated from "Texan" it means that the surgery is done to alter your stomach and digestive track.  Period. 

It does not do doodly squat on your head if you have issues going on prior to surgery!!  It will not resolve any emotional issues you may have from any kind of past abuse that lead to your overeating.  It does not roll back the hands of time.  I have more gray hair now than I did four plus years ago.  It does not do a blooming thing for relationship issues.  Might even create some.  Ask my ex-wife and a couple of the ex-girlfriends since.  Like any major event in your life it will alter your personality to a certain degree and your perspective on life.  It is one hell of an emotional roller coaster!!  Trust me.

Anybody who says WLS is the "easy way out" needs to have his/her ass kicked.  And I mean a good ass whopping.  WLS is like getting old, or so they say, - it ain't easy!!

I'm not going to try and persuade you one way or the other.  Can't do that with my own brother and he NEEDS WLS.  Just letting you know folks here on OH, and the WLS community as a whole, will understand and "get" what you are going through.  We will help you directly if we can if not we can point you the right direction.  We are a cross cut of society.  Poor, affluent, all different races, ethnicities, religions, occupations.  Some are solid type folks and some are "turds" to use a word from the local law enforcement lexicon.

Bottom's up to YOU!  Do your reasearch then do some more reasearch and make your decision based on what surgery and surgeon is best for YOU!

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