On Oct. 27, 2007 I was able to have RNY surgery with Dr. Keith Kim. It got off to a slow start due to my illness wouldn't  let me to exercise like I was suppose to. I will say I lost 154 lbs in all. My weight went up and down.  On Feb 13th 2011  I was blessed with a baby girl. After then everything went down hill from there I wasn't able to lose the baby weight plus the weight I had gained before I got pregnant. So I heard about Revision surgery and went to Dr Jawad  and there office handled my insurance company and I went from there. Nobody ever heard of  the DS surgery being done in 2 parts but Dr. Jawad  was concerned  with my health if he did the whole surgery in one. So I agreed to having the surgery in two parts. I had my RNY changed to the sleeve on April 25, 2012. Everything went good!  I went in the hospital that Thursday and went home that Sunday. Sense I got home everything been good.

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