Apr 29, 2006

08-24-06  Pre-op wt     = 299
09-28-06  Surgery day = 281
11/02/06  1st Fill  +1.0 = 267
12/04/06  2nd Fill +.90 = 263
01/03/07  3rd Fill +.60  = 258  
02/05/07  4th Fill +.50  = 255
04/02/07  5th Fill +.75  = 248 
04/09/07  Unfill    - .40  = 243     
04/23/07  6th Fill +.20  = 247
5/31/07   7th Fill  +.25  = 234
9/24/07   8th Fill  +.50  = 211 
10/29/07  9th Fill +.20  = 210
1/08/2008 10th Fill +.25 = 206
1/25/2008 Unfill     - .15 = 199

1/19/2009  total unfill   =  189
2/16/2009  added 2.8 cc  = 192
4/07/2009  added .2 cc  =  192.5
6/16/2009  added .3 cc = 200.0
10/5/2009 added .10cc = 205.5
5/13/2010 added .25cc  = 210
9/07/2011 added some  = 200.5
9/25/2012 added .25 cc = 215.5

11/06/2012 added .20 cc = 213.5

01/29/2013 added .50 cc = 215.5

2/17/2009   I dont know what has happened to my blog, everything basically is gone, 2 years worth of writing, oh well at least I have it saved somewhere, but sitting and re-entering it will be a #^#*#()@   !!!  So starting with the news today, yesterday went back to doctors office after being unfilled since 1-19-09 due to a Stretched Pouch, and the news was good, my pouch had shrank and looked great per the nurses doing the fluro, and they added 2.8 cc's !!!  I am so relieved, this was a scary experience, not knowing what was going to happen with my pouch, so lesson learned, get back to the basics and follow those bandster rules  !!!!  

2/20/2009  I have great restriction now !!!  Wow this was exactly what I have been needing all along..an unfill...let the pouch rest a month...and a new refill  !  I havent had this good of restriction in quite sometime.   I will definitely watch my portions and stop eating at the first signs of feeling "full". 

4/07/2009  Went for a fill this morning, pouch is showing signs of being slightly stretched, and I have mucus build-up too, they told me about the mucus in January also, today I was told to drink Pineapple juice every morning to help rid the mucus from my pouch.   I was only given a small fill of .2cc's due to the stretched pouch and the layer of mucus showing in the fluro picture, now I should be at 3.0 cc's.  I was told to watch my portion sizes, eat 3 or 4 small meals a day, dont eat after 7pm, definitely dont eat and go to bed !  Or for my evening meal just eat soup, that will help the pouch to not get stretched by leaving food in there and going to bed.  I have got to get back to the basics:  small meals....no snacking....drinking water and now juice each morning....exercise more....eat earlier dinner..... Nurses told me that once a pouch has stretched it will always be easy for it to stretch back out again, thats why I have to be so careful now.   One good note is I weighed 192.5 dressed at the doctors office.

6/16/2009  Went for fill today, got .3 cc added, puts me at 3.2 cc per the nurse, still have a small stretch in pouch, odd looking thumb sized pooch on the pouch, nurse/tech said thats a sign of stretched pouch.  I have gained weight since April, 8 freaking pounds, fully dressed.  I have got to get a hold on my eating.  It has been my bad choices of food and too much food, mainly bad food choices, also lack of exercise.
So back on the wagon: small meals, water, exercise !!!!

9/26/09   My three year Bandiversary is coming up on Monday.  I have an appt. to go in for  my annual checkup and possible fill on Oct. 5th.  I know I have gained wt. since my last dr visit, so thats a drag, but I have to go for my checkup and make sure the pouch and all are ok, and will have the bloodwork done too, hope all that is ok too...I just cant seem to get my head right, I eat too much and eat too many sweets and make unhealthy food choices all too often..I have to get turned around and going in the right direction.  I just keep gaining weight..I hate the way that makes me feel mentally, emotionally and yes physically...

10/5/09   Had my 3 year checkup today.   Pouch looked  fine per the doctor, only my cholesterol was 207, thats because I havent been eating healthy foods.  I did get a small fill, .10 cc, wt up again...205.5, but I was so thrilled that they didnt see any pouch problems under the fluro !  I have started to commit myself back to exercising since the first of October.  I hope this fill does something too, I am eating more and feeling hungry, even though I know I am eating the wrong foods, if I would eat the protein and leave the sweets, junk foods and all alone I would be doing better.  I keep telling myself....One day at a time and dont stress !!

5/13/2010  Got a much needed fill today, added .25cc, doctor said I was loose and need a fill.  I have gained another 5 pounds since my last fill, I have been eating the wrong foods and too much and not exercising regularly, not the bands fault for my gaining, simplely my own doing.  Well I have got to get control and turn this around, so afraid of gaining back more and causing my band issues, so far I am very lucky, having no major problems.  

9/07/2011 Went in for a check up on my band and port, been having a pain in the port area and other discomforts..but my check up was good, no problems with port or band !!  Must be some torn scar tissue is what the doctor thinks.  And he said I had lost 11 lbs. since the last time I was there !!  I did get a small fill also, no sure how much but he said he wanted to add some.  I am very happy with today's visit !!!

9/25/2012  Went in for my yearly check up and fill, check up was fine, no problems !  I had gained weight since last year, but actually I am down about 10 #s since July, so I am not disappointed in the gain, I am on the right track, and I plan on getting fills every few months and to keep losing !
My band is still working and Friday is my 6 year Bandiversary !!! 

11/06/12   Down 2 #s since last time, so very happy.  Got another fill, mucus is a big problem, I will need to take antihistamine each day.  Also got a review of the band rules, it is always a good idea to remind yourself of what you are "supposed" to be doing ! !

01/29/13   Made it thru Thanksgiving, Xmas and New Years, only up 2 #'s, that is not too bad, since I was not eating the best of foods !  Now I am ready to get back on track and start losing again.


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