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"From the start it was obvious to me that Dr. Naaman and his staff are the absolutel real deal; they're there to truly help and Dr. Naaman is a far cry from billboard surgeron looking to make his pockets chubby full of money.rnrnIt doesn't hurt that Dr. Naaman is noted as one of the tops in the nation for Laparoscopic RNY. Furthermore, he is also known for taking on the more challenging cases other surgeons won't touch, so keep that in mind when comparing complication rates of multiple surgeons. rnrnIn my opinion, Dr. Naaman is a quiet listener, so someone who needs to be stroked and reassured consistently could mistake him for not seeming engaged, but make no mistake, he and his staff are totally about your care.rnrnHis office staff runs like an orchestrated work. Each person has their instrument to play, and when they play together, it's beautiful music! It just makes the process so easy! The other thing that I found of great assistance was the pre-requisite list. I considered that my part to play. The seminar is more than thorough, and I loved the chance to meet Dr. Naaman there first, before the actual consultation. rnrnA large part of Dr. Naaman's protocol is aftercare in the way of support groups, follow-up visits. He preaches the importance of changing your lifestyle, walking and hydrating until you're blue in the face, but it is jut that important for success. On his website , they podcasts are available for the events where they have speakers come in -- it's really helpful to refer back to them as needed. rnrnAs far as one being better than the other; surgical competance or bedside manner? Again, I think he is a quiet man, yet is still friendly, professional and totally approachable. But someone who needs a lot of stroking reassurance should let him know what your needs are -- I have no doubt he'll make you feel as warm and fuzzy as possible! rnrnFor me, the main thing I was looking for was surgical competance. I knew I had my family and my friends for support, stroking and reassurance. "

NewStart at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center

"I felt that the staff was very attentive (and even entertaining at times!) to my needs. Even more important, I felt they were very responsive. While the hospital is not luxury status, I felt it was well above the average comfort level for a hospital -- I had a private room, phone and a flat screen TV. "
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