My story, Wow.  Well, it started back in 2005 when I joined this website.  I was determined to get the RnY surgery.  My PCP said no and that he wanted me to do it on my own.  He gave me some pills to "help me", called Dexadrine.  Over the course of the next year I lost 137 pounds, my highest being 356.  I did it using the South Beach Diet, working out like mad, and of course my little orange pills.  When I went off of the pills the weight immediately starting coming back on, regardless of the fact that I was eating the same and working out the same.  I know it sound ignorant that I didn't realize I was on an amphetamine but my doctor said he diagnosed me with narcolepsy and that pill was the answer to that diagnosis. 

Starting in 2006 I began to gain the weight back and over the next five years I succeeded in gaining back almost all of it.  I started my new journey at 338 pounds and had the Lap Band surgery on March 29, 2011.  I am only two weeks in at this point but I am determined to make it work. 

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