Day Six

May 06, 2009

Finally feeling human again.  Today I worked half the day-went home and rested-went to see my beautician Wendy and got a new hair color and cut!  I love it.  I was looking in the mirror and sort of jiggled my face and my double chin skin wiggled!  I don't believe I have ever seen this skin jiggle.  When driving today my belly was about two inches away from the steering wheel.  I was thankful for my sleeve today because I was not hungry.  Only takes just a little to fill the space.  Having difficulty as it seems everyone does getting all the liquids down.  I would need to keep a bottle to my lips all day just sucking it in to get all I am supposed to.  Not happening!  Little miracles are gonna keep coming and Paul and I can't wait to get on the scale next week at our doctor appointment.  Thanks for all the great thoughts and prayers sent our way!


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