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May 27, 2009

Hello to all!  Just thought I would post an update on our progress as of today.  Started having some serious heartburn that nothing would make go away,  Prilosec OTC - Pepcid - Gas X.....but last Saturday my Mom #2 gave me some liquid maalox and worked!  Yea!!  So when I feel the acid starting to gurgle I hit the bottle..hahaha.  Paul has so much energy.  He almost can't sit still and he is looking so good!  Last weight check he told me about was last week and he is at 390.  No more 400's for him!  I weighed in this morning at 330!  Down 64 pounds so far.  I kind of got stuck last week and the scale actually said I had gained three pounds.  Think this was due to my lack of eating enough and definitely not getting enough fluid.  So....I got a 32 ounce big cup and I keep refilling with ice when it melts and refilling with water all day long.  Still have to take small sips or it hurts.  Hope that goes away soon.  We both are on regular foods, but we are still watching our carbs and eating good things.  Sweets don't seem to be a problem yet...and who could eat dessert after my three bites of dinner??  Hahaha...  It is absolutely amazing that our bodies continue to thrive on the little amount of food intake.  Last night for dinner we each had 1/2 cup salad with a petite pickle and one cup of light soup.  Where is there room for dessert??  Oh my!  We are still plugging along and thankful for all the good friends and family we have on our side.  Thanks for listening.


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