Nov 05, 2007

I got the call from the dietician today.  That was an weird call.  I was expecting her to give info rather than ask ?'s.  But I beleive it went well.  I still have an appointment w/ the Psychiatrist on the 20th.  I am kind of freaked out about that.  We Will See!!!  


Nov 02, 2007

I spoke to my surgeon's office today,  I made my Psych appointment for 11-20-07.  I am so excited.  I still have not spoken w/ the dietician but I am hoping that will be soon!! 


Oct 29, 2007

I picked up my lab results from 3/22/06 from health first (the diet program).  My Cholesterol was 211, my Triglycerides were 202, my HDL was 39, my LDL was 132.  WOW, I did not realize they were that high.  I faxed them to Lisa at my surgeon's office.  She said everything looks good!  No We Wait!


Oct 28, 2007

Here we Go!!!!  I turned in the info packet today!  Lisa (my contact) was not available so I left it w/ the receptionist.  I am So excited to get this process started.   I will keep the Journey Posted


Oct 25, 2007

After bugging the heck out of my PCP, I have finally gotten all the paperwork needed for me to move forward!!  My next step is to turn in my packet along w/ PCP letter and Counselor letter along w/ records from Diet program.  I will be turning everything in Tomorrow!!!  I am so excited!!  My next step will be talking w/ dietician, Psych eval, and meet w/ Dr. Byrne.  

I hope that the insurance will be notified by Dec!!  I hope and Pray!!

Waiting on PCP

Oct 25, 2007

Ok,  I have been bugging my PCP all week for my letter of medical necessity.  I called on the 4th day and they tell me that he has not received the request!!  I was so upset!!  I resent the request!  I hope they get this one!!!  I need to get this on the ball!!

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