She's here

Jun 04, 2012

 Hi everyone I just want to let you all know our wonderful bundle of joy has made her appearance. Ciera Adrianna was born on May 25. She was 5 lbs 11 1/2oz  19 3/4 in. Very healthy and beautiful.. I'm just letting anyone who might be wondering know. The great thing is that only a week and 3 days after giving birth I am almost down to my pre pregnancy weight. 

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Nov 21, 2011

 Hi everyone I know it's been a long time since I've checked in. Life has been great and this next year is going to be even better. My hubby and I are 12 weeks pregnant!!!!!!! It was a shock since we both thought we were done having But we are very excited. Hope all is well with all of you.

I did it...Onederland!!!!!

Jul 04, 2010

 OMG!!! I am finally out of the 200's I can't believe it. It feels sooo awesome.I will never see a 2 before my weight again, It is definitely a great 4th of July.  Now just a little more work and I can make it to goal but right now I am happy where I am at I no longer feel like the biggest person in the room, its kind of nice to get compliments from people that are genuine and not forced. My son jumped up yesterday and hooked his feet together around my waist and laughed, he said "wow mom your skinny" I smiled and had tears. I love my life now and will always cherish the tools I have been giving.  

My day to pamper myself

Dec 30, 2009

Well I'm finally feeling like I am worth pampering myself. I have always done everything for everyone else and spent little time on myself, But today that is going to change. I can now feel good when I look in the mirror and see myself changing. So off to me favorite stylist for a brand new haircut and color. I have a date with my hubby on Saturday night to celebrate our 6Th anniversary and I want to look awesome.  I keep running out of clothes but luckily I saved some of my favorite western clothes and I am starting to fit back into them. I love the fact I put on things that used to be tight and now they are too big so off they go to our little shop run by the hospital. My closet is changing and I love it.  My hubby has always loved big girls so when I had this surgery I was afraid that I might lose him but lately he has been very interested and my worries have left the building. Yesterday I shoveled snow from our driveway and my mother's with no problems, before it was like shovel, sit, shovel, sit this time no sitting til i was done. I still had energy to play with my kids in the snow. Life is beautiful!!!!!!!!


At last....

Sep 20, 2009

At last...Iam finally under 300 pounds for the first time in 5 years!!! Today I get to go back to my aquacize class I can't wait its been awhile and I miss my girls. Life is finally starting to feel back to normal, The water is going to feel sooo good, I am tired of just walking. I swear I really am a dolphin trapped in a human form lol.  I made ameal that I got from one of the girls on here last night and it was awsome. I cut up some chicken tenderloin put it in a pan that was lightly sprayed with olive oil cooked it tell almost done then added picante sauce covered and simmered for about 10 min. then added a small amount of shredded cheese until melted it made 2 wonderful meals. Well gotta go the pool is calling me!!!


Sep 09, 2009

Well I wonder if I will have more energy today? All I wanted was to sleep yesterday. Don't get me wrong, it felt soo good to be able to go back to bed whenever I wanted. I am taking advantage of the time I have when my kids are in school. I was suppose to go to Reno to see my Dr. today but it has been postponed til next Wednesday. But I get to advance to better food. Last night I had tuna salad man did it taste good. Today I'm going to try refried beans and cheese. Life is good!!!!

The loser bench

Sep 05, 2009

I weighed myself today, when I went into surgery I was 317 today I'm at 306. I can't believe that I'm almost out of the 300's YIPPY!!  The labor day fair and parade is in town so my hubby and I took the kids. At the parade I walked aroung for awhile then sat, man it's hot today almost 90. My parents bought tickets for the kids to go on the rides so we went there next, had to run home to get a protien shake, took my water and off we went. the kids had a great time Scott took them everywhere. I went for awhlie but then the heat was too much and I started to feel weak so I sat in the shade sipping my water. I'm having no problems drinking water and sf kool-aid. I was able to get down 37g of protien yesterday.  But today might be a different story,A little too much I think. I had to come home and take my loratab which I've only had to take at night.  I'm taking it easy the rest of the day. 


I'm home

Sep 03, 2009

Well I'm home from my surgery. Everything went great, I was up walking a couple of hours after it. Yesterday I started on liquids it's funny I loved chicken broth but now I don't really like it so its beef broth for me. I get to have really runny cream of wheat tomarrow. My pain is minimal my left side hurts the most but I haven't really used pain meds, I will when I go to bed but the day is good. Lots of walking and sip, sip, sipping.

It's almost time

Aug 30, 2009

Well it's Sunday afternoon, I have my house as clean as it is going to get, My kids are packed and ready to go to grandma's. Tomorrow will be a new step in a better life for ma and my family. My hubby and I Will go to Reno for my last Dr's appointment and off to our hotel. I hate the next part, my lovely bowl prep. I hope I will get some sleep then it's off to St. Mary's for a new beginning-surgery at 7:30. I am sooo ready but my nerves and stress are finally breaking through my tough shell. I have 2 more shakes tonight then on to clear liquids tomorrow. I keep thinking that I am forgetting something but oh well I am READY!!!! I can't believe 5 years of research and 2 attempts to get this surgery, it all comes down to 36 hours. Unreal.

Hope to see life on the loser bench and a better life.

Nine more days

Aug 23, 2009

I can't believe it is only 9 more days to surgery. Yesterday I had a very bad day things seemed to go from bad to worse(my son has adhd with odd and we changed his meds an explosive day) and I ended up eating everything in sight. So today its major workouts, my shakes only and will power!!! At least tomorrow school starts and maybe things will settle down a bit. Also soccer starts this week so I will be at the field with my kids as they practice, I can walk the outside path around the complex.  The only thing I have to do for surgery is pack my bag, I have my pre/post-op class on Tuesday and my early admit for the hospital (the vampires will want my blood again lol). then on Monday the 31st my final date with my surgeon and then off to a new healthy life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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