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Sep 05, 2009

I weighed myself today, when I went into surgery I was 317 today I'm at 306. I can't believe that I'm almost out of the 300's YIPPY!!  The labor day fair and parade is in town so my hubby and I took the kids. At the parade I walked aroung for awhile then sat, man it's hot today almost 90. My parents bought tickets for the kids to go on the rides so we went there next, had to run home to get a protien shake, took my water and off we went. the kids had a great time Scott took them everywhere. I went for awhlie but then the heat was too much and I started to feel weak so I sat in the shade sipping my water. I'm having no problems drinking water and sf kool-aid. I was able to get down 37g of protien yesterday.  But today might be a different story,A little too much I think. I had to come home and take my loratab which I've only had to take at night.  I'm taking it easy the rest of the day. 


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