my story starts in 2007 where i made up my mind i wanted too start too live , be healthy my life was slipping before me , i could not get work, nobody wanted this 567 pound  man , which too me in my head i dont think i was that big , atleast i never seemed that , well a company took shot on me , i worked and started a program ,i got good part thru it ,and then i had too start a new program up in portland (at maine medical center) so  i was doing all the stuff i need too do  too have the surgery , and i was getting close after all this  loosing weight and working on the insides of me , the company i was working for decide they no longer wanted me too work for them , i was like great but god willing i was able too have the bypass aug 4 2008 and so far its been the best thing i have done...

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im over 2 months
trips too wally world so much fun ,lol
i hit mliestone today
wow i have lost more weight