well 16 months out

Dec 13, 2009

wow hard too even think it 16 months into my new life its going so fast , i had tummy tuck which i was very happy too have , the first surgery went well i woke up i was resting in recovery , im up walking around felling not too bad , so i have too use the bathroom before i can go home , i feel good so i ask for dunkin donuts coffee maybee if i drink that i can go home ,well i had muscle work and hernia taking care of , so i sitting there i get up ,and the three drains start filling up , and the blood is going everwhere , im freaking scared now , my dr comes in back into surgery i go  for my seond one the same day but this time it does not look well , there not sure so my dr and another dr both work on it together , they find i have three blood clots as they pack each one  took them almost three more hours of work , and trip too the hsopital for overnight, so quart down and low iron im fighting being tierd all the time i will make it dr was very good  i would recomand him three times over it was not him  so great job dr


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