My "official" bio:

Dr. Leavitt is a Registered Psychological Assistant, Lic.#PSB 31246.  
She is supervised by Dr. Marie A. King, Ph.D, Lic.#PSY 9813.

Dr. Leavitt earned her Master in Counseling Psychology and Doctor of Clinical 
Psychology degrees from
Ryokan College.

She believes theory does not always equal therapy and uses an eclectic approach in
her treatment of patients. She understands that as human beings we are
multi-dimensional, interlinked and inseparable. Dr. Leavitt's work hinges on a variety
of theoretical perspectives covering a broad view of health and wellness.

Dr. Leavitt's professional interests include art, relaxation, and educational therapy,
as well as psychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults. She
specializes in working with patients diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder (ADHD), Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) and  the
evaluation and treatment of bariatric patients. Having undergone bariatric surgery
herself in 2003, she is especially sensitive to the needs and concerns of individuals
dealing with weight and eating related issues, as well as physical, emotional, and
interpersonal issues both before and after weight-loss surgery.

Dr. Leavitt w
as featured in the  April 9, 2007 issue of People Magazine
in an
article discussing the effects of
Addiction Transfer After Weight Loss
. She recently was a featured presenter at the April 2007
Help National Convention on the topics of Addiction Transfer in Bariatric
and Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Dr. Leavitt has appeared on
Good Morning America ,
Northwest Afternoon,  and Inside Edition.

Dr. Leavitt has been described as a "compassionate therapist, a powerful motivator
and a humorous and dynamic speaker."

Now... The Personal stuff:

I am the proud "mommy" of four furbabies: Tigger (7), Smokey (8), Chessie (15) and Lushy (18). I have been married to my husband for 1 1/2 years! We met back in 1995 over the Internet! He's been with me through all the (*&^%-weight gain, loss, PS, addiction tranfer and school!

I've always had the propensity to be over weight but never was MO until 1996 or so. By the time I have my surgery I was 379 pounds! I couldn't move well, walking was a task, my body hurt and I was depressed!

Since surgery I have had my ups and downs. I've had to struggle with card cravings, anxiety, uncontrolled spending and not exercising.

I came to understand that food and shopping were ways to satisfy my feelings of anxiety and fear. I could replace the "bad" feelings with a food or shopping "high." Now, I can see the core issue. It doesn't make the addictive part of my personality go away. It doesn help me to reframe my feelings.  

 BUT I journey was not over after my WLS. It was not over after my PS. I will continue. It's the journey called LIFE!!!!


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