Living in Tyler Now

Apr 19, 2009

We are living in Tyler, Texas now and love it. I am feeling Great and have had no problems post my surgery.
I am staying around 144 lbs but would most likely loose more weight if I just excercised.
I still get sick if I eat the wrong things or too much of a bad thing. I also have the reactive Hypoglycemia and sometimes almost pass out from that. Its scarey. I have to make sure I get my protein in and not eat too many carbohydrates.



Oct 18, 2008

Hmmm .. its been a while since I last logged on. As far as my weight and my health is good. My weight has been stable staying around 143 144.
We moved to Tyler, Texas and it has been a little busy to say the least. I have not found a job as of yet or a house. LOL
We got our house sold in CC, TX and we are now looking for a home in Tyler. Lots of changes. My husband has retired after 37 years working in the Public schools and is now an assistant soccer coach at a local University. Our youngest son has started his Freshman year at UT of Tyler and loves it. All my brothers live in Tyler so I have been having too much fun with them and their families. I need to get back to work but hoping to find just that perfect home and get settled in.
It has been stressful but I have been good not gained any weight. My goal is to get more excercise.

It's Been a Year

May 05, 2008

The time has flown by and my weight has flown off. I can't believe that I was once a size 22plus down to a size 10. I still have a hard time believing that I have lost this much weight. I still drift toward the Plus sizes in the stores forgetting that I am now a size 10. My Brain is having a hard time understanding that. LOL
I am still very scared though and saw on TV where a women after gastric bypass gained a lot of her weight back. That is a very scary thought for me and I do not want to go there again because it was a dark time for me. 
I will continue to excercise and watch what I eat. I have noticed I am able to eat a little more.  I am on Alert not to go back to old habits.
My skin is flabby, my stomach, breast and my upper arms and it would be great to have surgery for this I don't see how I can afford it right now since Insurance didn't pay for my surgery I financed it myself.
But will work on it with excercise. Bye for now!


Apr 03, 2008

Wow! ITs getting close to my anniversary date for one year. 
I am hoping to loose all 100lbs but still working on it. I have not been able to excercise as much lately due to my job and working overtime. But hoping things settle down some so that I can do my excercises.
My husband is retiring and has excepted another job in another town so we will be moving in June. Trying to get the house ready to get on the market and this is all very stressful but I am very happy with everything.
I am feeling better then I have in 10 years and I look 10 years younger too. Well that is what everyone tells me anyway. I am still getting compliments on my looks but that doesn't mean nearly as much as how I feel and I FEEL wonderful.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Jan 16, 2008

Oh Boy am I ever excited!  I am going to fly to San Diego tomorrow morning to see my son and his family, who I have not seen in 4 years. With him being in the Military and being overseas it wasn't possible. But now they are living in California and I will be on my way out to see them. I also have two nieces that live there too and hope We all  get together.
I am afraid my son won't recognize me since I have lost so much weight. And as far as my granddaughter the two oldest ones remember me. The 7 year old can't remember me. That is sad, so I had to do something about that.
Well, I am feeling GREAT and my backpain that I have had chronically is starting to go away. YEAH!  This surgery has been a wonderful thing for me.
I can't tell people that they should have the surgery because its something they have to decide on there own. Myself, I had gotten to the point where I was ready and no one would be able to stop me. I have had NO complications what so ever!  People asked me that question a lot. But I think its because people are so misinformed. There still needs to be a lot of education on Bariactric surgery.

Post Christmas

Dec 27, 2007

Well, I had a wonderful Christmas, I feel good and feel healthy. I am more active and still loosing weight. I am now in a size 12 pants and a large shirt.
I received a gift certificate for Macy's and went shopping. Boy! is it more fun to shop when you can find something to wear that actually fits and looks good on you.. LOL

Still Loosing Weight

Nov 04, 2007

Yeah, I am still loosing weight. I was at a stand still there for a while but I am dropping again. I want to get to 130 lbs that is my goal. 
My back is feeling a little better. I have been going to a physical therapists because II have an alignment problem with my sacral joint and she is teaching me some excercises to get myself back into alignment and its really working. I still can't pick up anything heavy or bend over with getting out of alignment but I am working on getting those abdominals stronger.
I have had two episode of what they call reactive hypoglycemia. I am not sure why I had it because I haven't eaten any thing sweet that day. But it was pretty bad and I had to lay down at work. The other time I had it wasn't as bad. The doctor told me not to eat fruit as a snack but to eat it with a meal or protein. Because fruit can cause this since it loaded with sugars. I almost threw up the other day at school because I had eaten Sunflower butter with rasins. Sunflower butter is what they serve at our school instead of peanut butter and I am not sure why but I ate like 5 raisins and man my stomach started to hurt and I felt like I wanted to throw up. I will not eat rasins anymore. Whew!
But otherwise I am doing great and I have more energy and just a plus I am in a size 14 pants and XL shirts. I am very happy. My husband made a comment the other day and told me that he was happy to see me feeling more confident in myself. He told me that I was beautiful but that I have always been beautiful. My husband is the kind of guy that does not give out compliments, but when he does you know that he is very sincere.  I love him for supporting me on this journey.

6 Months Post Op

Oct 26, 2007

   Well, it just seems like not long ago that I just had my gastric bypass surgery and here it is already, my 6 months post op check up.
Drove up to San Antonio to see Dr. D. and he said I was doing great and that he doesn't worry about me because I do everything that I am suppose to. His P.A. was there too and she told me that I should be eating more and that I will start to slow down on my weight loss. Dr. D. gave me a lab sheet to get my six month lab done. All in all, I am very pleased with my weight loss but most of all, how much better I feel and the medications I no longer have to take.
  I have a lot of people at work commenting about my weight loss. One of our science teachers told another teacher that I was getting so tiny. He saw me in one of the computer labs and thought it was one of our Junior High students. My best friend showed a picture of me to her husband and she said that he couldn't believe that was me. Dr. D. even kept commenting on how my face looks so different.
  I continue to loose strands of my hair but not quite as bad. I did get my haircut and its been very easy to take care of. I have been told to that the hair that I loose will start to come back soon. Thanks T.F. for the suggestion of the Vitamin E might help this.
  I have been walking like 4 times a week with a girlfriend early in the mornings at 5:30AM and we walk anywhere from a mile to 2 miles. Its nice in the mornings and I was so surprised on how many people walk at that time in the morning. There is even one women with a double stroller that has two children she pushes around and we pass her up every morning. My girlfriend also has an elliptical trainer in her garage and we got on that the other morning after our walk.  
My goal is to try to do more aerobic excercises. I have been going to Physical Therapy for my back which is still bothersome but I am hoping that once I can increase my excercise that my back will get stronger.

Seminar in Corpus Christi, TX with New Dimensions

Sep 23, 2007

    Dr. Duperier and his group at New Dimensions will be having a Seminar here in Corpus Christi, TX on Thursday, September 27th at 6:00PM at the Baffin Bay Room at the Embassy Suites. If anybody is on OH and live in the Corpus Christi area and are thinking about WLS they should go to this Seminar. Its free and Dr. Duperier will explain all. He has also asked me to be a guest speaker as well as a friend of mine that had WLS with Dr. Duperier that lives here in Corpus Christi. Please encourage anyone that you know that has been thinking about this surgery they should really listen to Dr. Duperier, he is an excellent speaker and makes you feel very comfortable when you ask questions. Being a nurse and also post WLS (RNY) I think this surgery for weight loss has been a wonderful thing for me and I know it would be for others who were feeling like I was before I had this surgery. If you have any questions you can call Tiffany Gonzales at 210-614-9210 x127 and ask them about the seminar in Corpus Christi, Texas.    

Hair Thinning

Sep 09, 2007

Just an update on what is going on with me right now. For approx. the past month I have started to loose my hair. It doesn't come out in clumps but strands. When I wash my hair and when I brush my hair. So my hair is much thinner right now and hopefully It will stop falling out. My hair has been pretty thick before my surgery. I am thinking about getting my hair cut and see if that doesn't help a little. I am just wondering though, how long does this last?  But other than that I am doing great. Feel Good and I have more stamina.
This surgery has been a godsend to me.

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