Terive Duperier

"My first impression of Dr. D was at first nice. But what I also noticed about him he was very thorough in explaining and showing me pictures of the how the procedure will be done. Also he is very honest and up front about everything and I liked that. I saw him a second time during a seminar that he and another doctor gave. You can tell he is a leader and after the seminar came and spoke to my daughter and I. There were like 200 people at this seminar. The third time I saw him when I finally made my decision to have the surgery he seemed thrilled for me and told me that I really did make the right decision and that not only would I get rid of 10 problems associated with my obesity but that I was going to feel so much better. I really can't say I disliked anything about him. Being a nurse myself, I felt he was very confident in what he does.rnDr. Duperier's staff have been very nice and patient with me but I know they are very busy helping a lot of patients.rnI have not had my surgery as of yet but will write more in a couple of weeks. rnrn********rnrn~~During my surgery and after my surgery Dr. D. was wonderful to me. As for my post op checks Dr. D. was very reassuring about everything I asked. He was confident and seemed to know exactly how I was feeling.rnI would certainly recommend Dr. Duperier to anyone thinking of having Lap RNY. He came highly recommended to me from my Gastroenterologists.rnrnrnrn"

Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital

"I was on the 5th floor of this hospital. Although, the nurses were very nice if my husband hadn't been there I don't know what I would have done. When I called the nurses to help me to the bathroom they either came an hour later or never came at all. My husband had to always help me unplug my IV and my leggings and oxygen. I had a JP drain tube and the pain ball and when I first got up to take a shower the nurse's aid wouldn't help. She said my husband could do it. Needless to say, my husband is very screamish and I didn't know how I was suppose to bathe and wash my hair while holding my JP tube and my Pain Ball. My husband got very upset and report the nurse's aide. My husband got me a an old TARGET bag and tied Dental Floss around it and taped some rubber gloves around the top of the bag so I could put it on my neck and carry the pain ball and the JP drain. I couldn't stayed home and got better care."
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