Surgery date approaches!!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 17, 2008

I've been swimming like a fish at the local gym. Bronson has a Olympic size pool so I do fifteen to twenty laps every other day along with a half hour of tread mill and weights. 
My official surgery will be scheduled for February 20, 2008. Break out the pain meds!!!!!  
I hope all this exerisise will truly help in the recovery process. I really want to keep up with my life again, and not have this be a major setback to my routine. It has been so difficult to get into the rountine of working out. I just don't want to become sedentary again. I'm looking forward to meeting with the nutrionalist and learning what I can eat and things I should avoid. I do so much better when I have all the information and rules just laid out in front of 
Anyone with words of wisdom and has DS surgery please drop me a note and let me know what to expect, and how your doing! I would really appreciate knowing products you enjoy, things that may have got you through the rough times, etc. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Surgery date approaches!!!!!!!!!!!