8 years post op

May 12, 2015

8 years has come and gone and my weight loss surgery journey continues, not with weight loss but with the realization that surgery was a tool and a small one at that.

Do your research, if i had to do it all over i would not of had this surgery, it has left me with too many side effects, not being able to process certain foods, and i have gained almost all of my weight back.

I constantly worry about my health and my weight, i have had two hernia operations and i now have a triple hernia in my abdomen and i am not operable, too may adhesions and scar tissue.

If i only knew what i know now!



Almost 5 years out... continued.

Jan 08, 2012

I may have been pretty bitchy in my last post, I am trying to get back on track,it is the hardest thing i have ever done.

Confusing totally, not sure what to eat, do i go low carb? low Cal? low Fat? from early on my DS didn't malabsorb like the others, I never had any issues with certain types of food, no liquid poopies for me, to this day i try to go once a week lucky for twice, i have had a colonoscopy i am normal, i have a lazy bowel, this is the struggle for me.

That  being said, i am drinking more water than ever, i have given up diet pop its been more than a week and i have lost 8 pounds, so being back on track is working.


Almost 5 years out

Jan 06, 2012

Weight gain,

Huge, I have re-gained 65 pounds from my lowest weight, most of it in the past year and a half, I have great restriction even after all this time, as a matter of fact i had the foamies tonight after a steak salad, they suck.

My bowels are still an issue, i don't go unless i use extra help with suppositories, they suck.

Basically i have eaten my way back and it is very scary, i am a near 50 pounds less than what i was the day of my surgery and if you don't watch it you can gain it back as well, I am living proof.

That being said i am the one who did it too me, i ate the cookies, i ate the chocolate, i ate the chips, me me me me.

I am an addict, Deal with it!

9 Months Post Op!

Jan 22, 2008

Well it  has been a hard few months maybe that is why i have not posted, here is what has been happening.

Weight loss to date 87 pounds down 99 pounds from my heaviest weight.

Saw Dr L for my follow up yesterday, it is always good to see that man i just love him, he saved my life after all.

No hernia so that i am so happy for, he is concerned about my slowed weight loss so i need to revamp my diet, more water, more fiber, no bad stuff.

He wants me to exercise more and get sweating.. he said it will help with my "poop" issues, oh yes i have them the joy of it all, i get to start taking suppositories to get myself more regular, yah the thought of sticking something up my ass does not thrill me but i will do what i need to do... In fact Dr L said "I am one of the lucky ones" he suggested that if i eat a slice if pizza or a piece of fried chicken i will poop like there's no tomorrow but then i informed him that NOPE that doesn't work ... he was pretty shocked that those foods do not help me in the constipation department and said to me i am one of the lucky ones.... me lucky who knew?

Losing  the small amount of weight i have lost in the last few months has been really hard on me mentally, I feel like i am failing wls and how scary is that.. i mean i have taken the most drastic step to lose weight and i am not doing as well as i should so it has bothered me.

I just want to see the scale move down ... now thankfully i had a stomach bug and i lost a few pounds but lets face it .. we do not want to lose weight that way but it helped me re-focus and i am trying hard to eat better.

I still have no regrets, even though this has been a hard few months and then we lost Lucie, it really takes things into perspective, she was a wife, mother, daughter and friend to so many and she is no longer with us.... I will try to not complain as much and try to appreciate all that i have and how lucky i am.

This is hard work and i am determined to make it work.... for anyone who is thinking of WLS do your homework and remember there are real risks involved.

Keep smiling

6 months out!

Oct 17, 2007

Well here i am six months out of surgery.

76 pounds down since surgery and 88 pounds down from my heaviest weight.

What can i say, it has been a struggle these last few months my weight just didn't want to move or well not as fast as i wanted it to move i should say, but i am still losing and thats what is most important..... and i am healthy!

My labs came back pretty good i am a little low in the iron but no big deal just taking another iron pill, another thing to constipate me, not all DS'rs have pooping problems i am proof of that .. I beg to go to the bathroom i try to once a day but not always lucky,

I am very happy about the DS i would never had done well with lapband or the rny, the ds was the best move for me ... i can have those little treats without the full punishment that the other surgeries offer, thanksgiving was great i had a little bit of everything, mmmm stuffing, cranberries, turkey and ham some squash and even a sliver of Pumpkin cheese cake (thanks Kris) it was sooo good.

I am also branching out and starting a side business, I am selling epicure selections, it's a canadian company that sells spices and dip mixes they are soooo good and very reasonable, this is for a family disney trip... i really want to get away and what a better place to go than disney.

Again still no REGRETS... I am so happy i did it.
Thanks to all my family and friends that helped me here and  especially in Detroit ... you are loved!

Hair loss woes!

Sep 13, 2007

What can i say ... I have lost half my hair and i was in total denial that it would happen, Being and ex hairdresser does not make this easier... i have to say this sucks big time.

So i decided to go out and buy some hair ... SAY IT LOUD WEAR IT PROUD!!!! WEAR HAIR.

Check out my newest pictures,,, with hair and without.


Three months out!

Jul 17, 2007

Well this month has been a frustrating month i have to be honest.

The weight did not want to come off my body or at least the scales were not showing it but alas things did start to move for me.

The wound still is not healed all the way an it was so close to being done but i had a terrible fall in the shower and it re-opened i pulled all the muscles in my abdomen when i fell trying to protect my wound it was painfull, but i am still here to talk about it lol.

My blood pressure started to creep up on me (maybe it knew i was heading back to work in 4 short weeks lol) but i had to go back on bp meds and that was not fun they put me on water pills as well which made me really dizzy every time i stood up so off of the water pills i went, my cholesterol doubled since surgery ( i stopped lipitor after operation) and well i guess i might be one of lucky people that get it from my family so back on lipitor.

I feel really good these last few weeks i have more energy i am happier and i look better my skin feels softer but my hair is now falling out so we take the good with the bad right!

I am down 60 pounds and still have NO REGRETS!!!!!

Two months down!

Jun 18, 2007

So I am 50 pounds down in 8 weeks thats pretty darn good.

This month has been better than the first thats for sure, eating has gone so much better, i have had steak, shrimp, pork all the goodies I love sweet potatoes but i had my first baked potato on fathers day with butter and sour cream OMG it was good.

The wound is still healing i did take a step back fathers day, my nurse Lois said she thought things were going to heal fast and that she suspected i was close but when she opened me up i did take a step back and one of my wounds looked bigger... sheeesh its frustrating.

I am going back to work July 16th and it can't be sooner to be honest, I miss work and i miss the people i work with i miss the conversations and the interaction with my clients .. I really love my work.

So nothing really other than that to report i do have some bowel issues i am constipated all the time and that has slowed my weight loss down i am sure.

Looking foward to the next month!


1 month post op!

May 21, 2007

Hi everyone,

Well i am one month post op and down a whopping 40 pounds that is incredible.

Although I have to say that i had a few bumps along my way, my surgery was April 19th and was text book no problems at all.

April 22nd however was a day i don't ever wish to repeat, Dr L came in to see me and noticed a possible infection in one of my drains and he was really concerned, so he sent me for a catscan ...that came back inconclusive so he said we are going to the operating room to make sure ... I cried i didn't want to go back to be operated on but of course he won.

My surgery was over no leak or infection were found thats great... however when they went to take me out of the recovery room problems happened and i stopped breathing on my own they put me on a breathng machine and there i was for 24 hours of course the first 12 hours i had no idea I was heavily sedated.

So i am coming to i can hear people and when i opened my eyes there was My husband who was not suppose to be in Detroit it turns out the nurse told my Mom it would be in her best interests to call my husband because anything could happen.... wow was i really living through this??

They had my handsstrapped down there were tubes down my throat and i wanted to communicate so they gave me a pad and pen and that night my Mom and husband got to see what a fighter i had become, ther is no way in hell this is going to beat me, i mean this is why i had the surgery in the first place " I WANNA LIVE" 

Tubes out .. feeling better doc says i had an asthma attack another doc said i had sleep apnea i donno i tend to think it was the asthma.

On my way home now... things smell and taste different i know they said it would but hell this is really different, foods i liked i don't care for smells i loved are now gross .. this is weird.

So two weeks are gone by i have had two surgeries a cat scan and a near death experience and my doctor looks at my staples and says why not take these out .. I didn't want to but she said they can't stay in forever so out they came and ln less than 24 hourse i was back in the emergency room.... Guess What???? I "dehissed" a technical term for openening up. (I posted some pics "graffic")

I am now 1 month post opp i am supposed to be walking and enjoying my DS .. Bull shit.. i am mad and depressed some days this sucks how much fun is it to sit 24/7 if i move a bad way i can open up more i am tired of feeling sore and sorry for myself now.

On the bright side of the DS i have healed internally and i am trying new foods and its going really well, i have eaten wings and salad and fish and all of it is good.. coffee made me have heartburn guess i will have to wait for that .. Tuna was a no no for me it made me so sick, i had to walk around my living room for two hours before it made its way down into my tummy.. that was nasty.... So there you have it one month down a lifetime to go.


I have my date!

Mar 10, 2007

So here it is .. April 19th i will be switched.. Yikes i am freaking out.

I am so happy i have this website, I have spent my afternoon reading profiles today and it is so great to see everyone progress.

It keeps me focused on the main prize.. a healthier me!

Dr Marek Lutrzykowski M.D. was very nice and i am very confident in him as a surgeon, he cares about his patients i feel we will have a very good relationship.

Angelo is slowly coming around it has taken him a few days to grasp the idea of me having surgery, but he is starting to see the big picture and he is supportive, He loves me and that is the main thing.. we will work on the bumps along the road as they happen.

I feel i am mentally ready for this surgery but just in case my mind has different ideas i will go see a therapist to talk about my demons, addictions and all that fun stuff, the last thing i want to do is transfer my addictions to something harmfull.. Angelo would like the sex addiction but my luck i would turn to gambling or something like that lol.

So here we go ... as fast as this his happening i feel ready!

Thanks to all my new friends and family here on OH!!!

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