I am starting this journey at age 32 and have battled with weight problems since grade school.  After all these years I have finally realized that my weight problem is a disease rather than just a social failure on my behalf.  I am very glad to have been directed to this site and look forward to sharing my journey with all of you.

02 Sep 2004
Well, just updating to let everyone know that I am very disappointed with Blue Cross Blue Shield.  I began getting all my ducks in a row to proceed and have the surgery when BAM! I hit my first obstacle.  It seems that although BCBS has paid for this surgery for many people, they don't provide blanket coverage for all groups.  My group is one of the ones who is not covered.  After contacting the ins company, I was basically told that I was out of luck.  Little do they know that my employer is so wonderful, that he has decided that BCBS will either cover my surgery, or he will change insurance companies and find one who will.  Now, then big beuracratic bone heads.....who's gonna get the last laugh?!?

Anyway...will continue to update as things progress.  Until next time!

21 Sep 2004
Just a quick update to let everyone know that I am going to my PCP in the morning for a couple of things.  Most importantly, he is giving me my letter of necessity to send to bcBS.  Will also be doing follow up on my hypertension and depression issues.  Not a whole lot has changed, but I am happy that next month the search begins for new insurance company for my employer.  The administration where I work has been so supportive in my efforts.  When this is all said and done, they are going to have one healthy and good looking employee for a long long time.  I am so thankful that God has provided me with such a wonderful position.  Will keep you posted as things develop.

08 Oct 2004
Well, not a whole lot to update with as far as my pursuit goes.  I am thrilled to report that my wonderful wife is moving ever closer to her surgery by leaps and bounds.  The one good update I have in my pursuit is that my employer is now receiving bids from insurance companies so that we can change over to a new provider.  We currently use bcBS and as I have stated, they are not providing coverage for the procedure.  I have a lot of respect for my employer for being concerned about all of their employees and recognizing the need for such coverage.  The administration has been so wonderful in trying to get this accomplished for me.  Hope all are doing well, and will let you know as things develop.

27 Oct 2004
Things are still status quo for me.  The joy at our house is that my wife is one week out from her RNY.  All went well and she is recovering by leaps and bounds.  I am so proud of her to accomplish this surgery.  She went through so much!  I LOVE YOU MY ANGEL!!!!

30 Nov 2004
OK, so I haven't posted in a month.  Pretty much, things are still at a stand still.  HOWEVER!!!....my employer will be switching insurers on 15 December.  I am hoping they are easier t o deal with than bcBS was.  I will keep everyone posted.  Until then, Happy Chriskwanzukah!


Shame on me no update.

24 March 2005
So we are well in to the new year and I haven't updated in a long long time.  I am still pretty much in a holding patern, however I have been getting lots of pre-op stuff done and taken care of.  I know I am going to have one helluva fight with the insurance people but, I am ready.  I have had a great support team and thank everyone who has helped out in some way or another along the way.

08 October 2005
Yeah, yeah.  So I have been absent from OH lately and haven't been updating and all that stuff.  Well, what's to update?  I still have SUCK insurance.  I am still as big as a house.  I still need to find an employer who will have good insurance.  Blah blah blah....yadda yadda yadda....pity pity pity.  Sorry so negative, but at least I'm honest.

01 March 2006

New insurance plan.  Same written exclusion policy.  This really blows.  Time to consider a new job???

19 March 2006

No BS - Not only did I consider a new job, but I was actually recruited to come work for my "Dream Employer".  Nothing guaranteed yet, but I am quite excited.  The coolest part is that I know several people who work for this company who have had the surgery.  Not going to get too excited, but things may actually be looking up for a change.  I go to interview on the 24th.  Let's see how it goes.

24 March 2006

Holy shit!!!  So i went to the interview today and was told that a decision would be made by the end of next week.  I got home and the job offer was on my voice mail!  I am about to piss myself.  I cannot believe how fast this happened.  Now I just have to tell my current boss. EEK!

27 April 2006

It's been a month.  I officialy started the new job today. I am very excited.  The best part is that the insurance policy reads, "Surgical treatment of obesity is covered ONLY when performed at Memorial Hermann Hospital..."  So, I will be using a different surgeon and hospital than my wife and sister used, but that's OK. Did you read that part said, "...IS COVERED..."?

11 August 2006

Wow how time flies when you are having fun. So, here's where I am at:  I waited until after the new plan year started so I wouldn't have to pay out lots of copays and deductibles just to turn around and have to pay them all again after July 1.  So far, I have met with the surgeon and this week I went and got scoped. Things looked good; a few minor issues, but nothing that would delay or prevent the surgery.  Things are finally moving on and I am thrilled.  It's so weird because it seems like things are going so fast, yet at the same time not fast enough.  Maybe I'm just never satisfied.

28 December 2006

Everything is done.  All the pre-op work is completed and the pre-cert has been submitted to the insurance company for approval.  It's kinda tough to sit here through the holidays and just wait.  I can't really contact anyone at the surgeon's office or the insurance company and I am so badly wanting to know something.

12 January 2007
13:32 hrs

One word:  APPROVED

That's all I can muster right now. 

Sometimes, a word is worth 10,000 dreams.

05 February 2007

Today is surgery day.  See you on the other side!

12 October 2007

WOW!!!  So I finally had the surgery and my blogging skills did not improve.  I am now down about 195 lbs.  I am feeling a million times better and I am so grateful that this pursuit has finally become a reality.  Despite all the struggles, I would do everything all again just to get to where I am today.

I no longer use CPAP.  I no longer take medication for blood pressure, diabetes, or depression.  I can tie my own shoes and I can buy clothes off the rack at any store I want.  Life is good, but living is wonderful.

I still have lots of issues not related to weight, but I find dealing with those problems a lot easier these days since I am not so focused on "If I wasn't so heavy......."

I'm not going to try to catch up for the last 8 months in just a few short paragraphs, but I will let you all know that this is the best decision I have ever made for myself.

If you are considering this surgery for yourself, I encourage you to get your research done and go for it!  If you ever want any input, I'll be glad to share more details of my story with you.

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