I have been overweight my whole life since I was probably 8 years of age. I have had a on going battle with losing, gaining, getting depressed because of gaining and gaining more, since I can remember its been like this. Right now I am at my heaviest I have ever been 261 and at 5'2 that's bad!. I have been spending a lot of time and hours into researching WLS and I know its what I have to do. I don't have High Blood Pressure YET! and no Diabetes but, they both run in my family. However, I do have Sleep Apnea and GURD(acid-reflex). Last year, I had my Gall ballader removed due to an attack that was beyond painful! My insurance is PA access plus of PA and I researched them as well as far as qualifications I need to undergo this surgery. I am sitting up my appt. with my PCP to get a referral. Guess ya gotta start somewhere, I just hope he will refer me! If any one can tell me any thing about this journey I would truly appreciate it. Especially if you have my insurance. ANY ADVISE will be great

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